How Your Vote for British-Ukrainian Aid can Help People Suffering from War and Humanitarian Crisis

Posted on 01 Sep 2022 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton


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Who Are British-Ukrainian Aid?


British-Ukrainian Aid is a grassroots charity registered in England and Wales No. 1164472. It was set up in 2014, when Ukraine was invaded by Russia, to support people suffering from the war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by aligning UK and Ukrainian efforts. 100% of their donations are used for the cause as all their team members are volunteers.

Their projects in the last 8 years included sending humanitarian aid and covering the costs of medical treatment for vulnerable individuals, including the wounded, orphaned children, the elderly and internally displaced persons; they organised art therapy and social adaptation courses, sponsored education grants for the war veterans, and provided sponsorship for adaptive athletes. 


What Do British-Ukrainian Aid Do?

In light of the current full-scale invasion the charity has been prioritising medical aid to assist the wounded and the displaced with emergency and relief operations in Ukraine.

One of the key focus areas of their activities is the provision of First Aid Kits to emergency and rescue services. Thanks to donations they receive and with help of volunteers from a number of Ukrainian partner organisations in London, including Support Ukraine Ltd and Plast London, they have assembled more than 24,000 kits which have already reached Ukraine and have been saving lives. They hope to be able to assemble thousands more. 

British-Ukrainian Aid procure and deliver ambulances to Ukraine to provide immediate, direct support to those in need, including casualties and those helping them. More than 50 ambulances driven by their volunteers have already reached their destinations.

Another area of their focus is delivering medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine to help those surviving in the extreme conditions; more specifically, they are delivering most life-essential medications, broad-spectrum antibiotics, resuscitation drugs, surgical supplies as well as medical equipment such as VAC machines, ultrasounds, baby incubators, anesthetic machines and many other types of equipment.

British-Ukrainian Aid also offer assistance to the Ukrainian refugees who have fled the war and are currently scattered across Europe. They help them with housing and employment advice as well as with interpreting and daily needs.


How Your Donations Will Be Used?

Here's the list of some items which British-Ukrainian Aid will be able to procure thanks to your generous donations:

Tourniquet - £20
First Aid Kits - £100
Basic Rescue System - £716
Baby Warmer - £1200
Ambulance - £8000 

By donating £20 to buy a tourniquet you can help save someone's life: tourniquets  control bleeding enabling someone to stay alive till medical help arrives.

Tactical First Aid Kits contain items like tourniquets which control bleeding, and other urgent trauma treatment items. 

Basic Rescue system is a versatile stretcher designed so that only 2 people instead of 4 people are needed for a rescue operation. This reduces the number of lives being risked saving others.

Baby warmers are needed by maternity hospital and centres as frequent air raids mean moving vulnerable babies from ICU to cold basements.

Ambulances: the medical infrastructure in Ukraine has been significantly damaged due to the continuous attacks on health care, and access to health care in many areas has been severely impacted. Ambulances will help bring vital lifesaving care to people in Ukraine and will also be used for rescue operations and evacuations.


Who are the British-Ukrainian Aid's Partners and What is the Scale of Operation? 

British-Ukrainian Aid are currently working in partnership with Medical Aid Ukraine, a new initiative which involves a close collaboration with regional NHS trusts across the UK as well as charities and NGOs in Ukraine. They have been working with the Ministry of Health in Ukraine and monitoring the situation regarding critical deficits. 

With the support and in partnership with the UK and international organisations, such as Bloomberg, Apple, Prudential, EBRD to name but a few, they are sending medical aid from London to a number of hubs in Poland, including a hub in Lublin coordinated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, to a distribution centre in Lviv as well as to southern Ukrainian border; it is being delivered further to a number of places across Ukraine, such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Dnipro and many other locations. 

In the last six months, British-Ukrainian Aid have managed to send 11 lorries, 17 ambulances, 11 cars, 17 vans and 1 plane with medical aid to Ukraine. We’ve procured and sent more than 50 ambulances to those in need. 

British-Ukrainian Aid has been listed by Mayor of London along with other charities that are supporting Ukraine. 


How Can I Stay Up to Date with the Latest Activities and Campaigns?

You can stay up to date with the current work of British-Ukrainian Aid by checking out their Facebook page and website. There you will be offered updates on their campaigns to deliver urgent medical aid, their latest collaborative work with local and Ukrainian NGOs and their plans for the future. 

Those keen to receive a newsletter are welcome to register their interest at  [email protected] You will be kept up to date on the charity’s current activities as well as invited to a number of concerts, cultural and educational events aiming at familiarising the general UK public with Ukrainian culture, its history and current situation.


How Can I Support British-Ukrainian Aid?

They are a charity and rely on the help of their volunteers as well as donations and fundraising activities of their supporters. 

British-Ukrainian Aid welcome every fundraiser, big and small, and each and every donation is valued in the same way. It all adds up to the wonderful support they are able to pass to those in need. 

As long as it’s legal, safe and honest, you can register it with the charity’s friendly team at [email protected]. For example, you can put the team in touch with others who may be interested in helping or supporting them. Whatever activity you are planning, the British-Ukrainian Aid team can offer you ideas, advice and information to guide you through your fundraising experience with them.

Another effective way of helping them is by setting up a Standing Order to donate funds to their charitable causes. When you set up a Standing Order, you support them with their dedication to saving lives and assisting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged victims of war in Ukraine. 

You are also welcome to become a volunteer and explore their volunteering opportunities, and offer your skills and expertise to help the running of their multiple projects. 

Last, but certainly not least, this September you can, of course, vote for British-Ukraiian Aid in our charity poll, helping them to win 20% of our profits this month. 


How Can I Contact British-Ukrainian Aid?

You can visit their website at, contact British-Ukrainian Aid via email at [email protected] or give them a call on +44 7572 475369 if you would like any more information about this one-of-a-kind charity.

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