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Posted on 30 Jul 2021 by Amy Jackson

DeafPLUS Charity Bio

Deaf Plus LogoDeafPLUS is a charity with one vision in mind: to create an accessible world for those who are deaf, ensuring that all barriers to participation and given opportunities are removed completely. Every day they work to empower deaf people so they take control of their lives, so they can live independently, and develop skills which are needed in their everyday lives.They have an excellent number of accessible services where additional information, guidance services and other support is available to meet the needs of their clients. Whether it’s advice on employment, legal services, debt or welfare benefits, the volunteers of DeafPLUS are working tirelessly to create a more inclusive environment. With this information being available online via their digital hub or also on a one to one consultation basis, those in need can find support from the comfort of their own home or at one of DeafPlus’s locations such as Bath, Birmingham, Hackney and more!

Whether individuals were born deaf or have developed it later on, this charity is here to support everybody, no matter which stage of their lives they are in. As part of their accessibility plan, they have created an equipment supply and assessment where they are able to not only fit but also maintain selected equipment such as Tv loop systems, textphones, flashing and vibrating smoke alarms and more to easily accommodate those in need. The charity also offers BSL Level 2 training, so learners and individuals can comfortably communicate with Deaf people. Other training such as Deaf awareness is also available where people are not only able to gain understanding of equipment for deaf people but can also gain knowledge on how to support these people and communicate with them.


How Can You Further Support DeafPLUS?

As well as voting for them in our August poll, there are numerous ways you can make a difference in their mission of breaking down barriers for deaf people. As donations help them with keeping up their current services and opening up more locations for Deaf people to access help in person, your donation is always appreciated and if you do have a couple of extra pennies, the charity will be grateful for your generosity of donating for this cause. If you have a few extra hours a month spare, they would love for you to volunteer with them and share as well as learn vital skills while creating lifelong friendships. As a company, you will be able to enter into a corporate partnership with the charity where you can utilise their services to make your place more accessible for deaf people. Fundraising opportunities are also available in numerous ways, be it a run, Give as you live or amazon smile, all your efforts will be deeply appreciated by the charity and those in need.

This August, we are pleased to be supporting DeafPLUS in our charity poll. Cast your vote for them and help them win 20% of this month's profits!

To find out more, or make a donation to support DeafPLUS’s work, visit their website:

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