Sunscreen Essentials: What Protection is Best For You?

Posted on 17 Jul 2019 by Anna Scott
No matter what your skin type, we all now know that sunscreen is an essential for everyone. But is it really just a case of picking out any bottle of Factor 30? And what other things do we need to take into consideration when stocking up for the summer months (and even beyond)?

Instead of giving you all the facts, to begin with, we’re going to point you in the direction of a much more qualified organisation. The Cancer Research UK site contains a huge amount of information about UV and how to look after yourself in the sun, busting various myths about sunscreen and sunburn. We’ve collated a few pointers to take into account when shopping online for specific sun protection products, but please refer back to their online guides if you need to.


Face Sunscreen

Whether you are aware of this fact or not, it’s always worth re-acquainting yourself with it as it’s often ignored and forgotten - it doesn’t have to be sunny for your skin to get damaged by the sun. This is especially pertinent in the UK, where bright sunshine isn’t exactly a regular occurrence. In the colder months, this isn’t much of an issue for most of your skin as we cover ourselves up. But your face is a different matter.

At this time of year, many of us will be looking for extra SPF protection for our face because of said sunshine. But this is also an opportunity to find a product that works for you throughout the rest of the year. Although protecting against skin cancer is our primary concern, skincare experts also cite using a face sunscreen on a daily basis as one of the most important steps you can take to arm yourself against the aging effects of the sun, so it therefore makes sense to use it all year round.


Cheap skincare


Your choice isn’t just limited to standard sunscreen. Many moisturisers now have an SPF of 15 or higher and you can also find tinted moisturisers and foundations with SPF too. As you can see from the info on the Cancer Research UK site, looking at UVA star ratings is just as important as SPF so use this as a guide when selecting face sunscreen too. Sensitive skin can be an issue in this area, but there are now many brands that can help with this. La Roche Posay is particularly good for sensitive skin and you can currently save 25% on their Anthelios face sunscreen in the Boots summer sale. Just access this saving along with loads of other using our Boots discount codes.

As we mentioned earlier, once you’ve found the right brand for your skin, make sure it becomes part of your skincare routine going forward, even when the sun isn’t shining!


Sun Protection for Kids

Most of the sun care advice for children is exactly the same as the advice for adults (see link above). But there are a few other things you need to take into account. When you children are young, it can be most useful in the long term to get them into good habits. This means always encouraging to wear a wide-brimmed hat in the sun, playing in the shade and of course, always wearing sunscreen. Don’t make these things seem like a chore, but rather part of an everyday summertime routine.

There are a lot of sunscreens marketed for children, many of which contain insect repellent. If your child has sensitive skin or is prone to skin allergies, please test first to see which brand suits their skin type. Our Superdrug discount codes are a great source of low prices on specialist sunscreen, and when using these savings, you can also access free delivery on your order.


Are You Using Sunscreen Correctly?

The chances are, if you are using sunscreen on your skin, then you’re probably not using enough of it. Many of us apply one layer in the morning and then forget about it for the rest of the day. As detailed on the Cancer Research UK site, you need to be using about 2 teaspoonfuls worth to cover your face, arms and neck, and then reapplying throughout the day, especially after swimming.

It’s also important to check the quality of your sunscreen before you use. It is a bottle from last year? If so, where has it been stored and is it past its use-by date? If kept in a warm place for several months, the chances are it’s not going to do its job quite so well. We know this may sound like a ploy by manufacturers to get you to buy new bottles on a regular basis, but when it comes to sunscreen, you don’t want to take any chances. You can find savings on big brands using our Feel Unique promo codes – they have new discounts available every day that can get you up to 20% off selected names, including skincare favourites.

Another important piece of advice is to stock up before you go away. You’re probably going to use more than you think you are when away in warmer climates. Yes, there will always be places to buy sunscreen, but will your favourite brands be at these low prices? The chances are slim, so take advantages of available special offers before you go.


Extra Sun Protection

Of course, sunscreen isn’t the be all and end all. To sufficiently protect yourself, you need to take other measures – staying in the shade during the hottest part of the day, covering yourself with loose cotton clothing and wearing a har where possible (and all the more so with children). Of course, a lot of people aren’t going to do all these things all the time. Which means that applying sunscreen properly is so much more important.

Even if you don’t think you’ll burn, you can still be susceptible to sun damage. Don’t be put off by the faff of it all because the alternatives could prove a lot more inconvenient to say the least. Make sunscreen a regular part of your daily routine, and if you don’t like the feel of one, try another brand. At this time of year lots of offers and discounts are always available, so check out the health and beauty page here on Discount Promo Codes to see if you can get a great price on your favourite brand or try something new.

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