Compare the Prices of Back to School Uniform Essentials

Posted on 10 Aug 2018 by Anna Scott
It may seem like a little way off now, but September is just around the corner. And if you live in Scotland, you’ve only got just over a week to go until the autumn term starts! It’s enough to set the annual school uniform panic in motion, but don’t worry – thanks to lots of great value retailer and their ever-increasing ranges, you can get all your need for a great price.

We’re not going to compare the prices of every single back to school item you may have on your list, but rather focus on a few school uniform essentials that every parent is going to need to stock up on before the start of term – school shirts and polo shirts, jumpers, trousers and skirts. Simple. We’ve picked out three of your favourite stores to see what they currently have available and how they all compare…


School Shirts

Some kids prefer cotton shirts, some polo shirts. So we’ve had a look had the prices for both! It’s often better value to buy this sort of thing in multipacks and luckily both boys’ and girls’ stock is similarly priced with all retailers:

Marks and Spencer sell both boys’ and girls’ 2 Pack Slim Fit Non-Iron Shirts/Blouses from £8-£14 and 2 Pack Slim Fit Polo Shirts from £7-£13 (all prices depend on size selected). You might not necessarily associate Argos with school uniform, but don’t dismiss them because their prices are excellent. A 2 Pack Fashion Polo Jersey costs from £6 and a White Woven Non-Iron School Blouse/Shirt 3 Pack from just £4. Matalan is fast becoming a school uniform favourite thanks to its combination of price and quality. Unisex 2 Pack Slim Fit School Polo Shirts are priced at just £6-£8 and Girls and Boys 2 Pack Short Sleeve School Blouses/Shirts are from £4.50-£7.


M and S school blouse



Most of these come in a wide range of colours, with Marks and Spencer at the leader of the pack with 8 to choose from. Their Unisex Cotton Rich Jumper costs between £8-£12. Argos is even better value - coming in a 2 Pack, their Black V-Neck Jumper are priced between £6-£12 for a pair. Matalan only sell a boys’ version, but of course there’s nothing stopping girls from wearing it, making it essentially a unisex one (plus there are other jumper/sweater styles in the girls’ range). Their Boys School Jumper costs between £5-£7.


blue school sweater


School Trousers

We’ll cover skirts below, but trousers are increasingly seen as a more practical option in the winter months for girls too. Marks and Spencer get double brownie points here for not only selling school trousers in 2 Packs, but also have the boys’ and girls’ versions priced the same. The 2 Pack Slim Leg Trousers come in 4 colours and cost between £11-£17. Argos are a bit cheaper with their Black Woven Trousers Plus Fit 2 Pack from £6, although it’s not stated whether they are designed for boys or are unisex. Lastly Matalan have the Girls Slim Leg School Trousers (£7-£9) and the boys’ version (£6-£9). These are also available in a 2 Pack for £12-£16.


Black school trousers


School Skirts

We’ve looked at the standard pleated school skirt, it being the most popular choice for most parents. Again, Marks and Spencer win when it comes colour choice (5 in this case), and their Skirt with Permanent Pleats costs £9-£14. If you’d rather have a pair, then Argos has a Permanent Pleat Skirt 2 Pack from £7. Matalan offers a Girls’ Box Pleat School Skirt from £5-£7.


grey school skirt


Marks and Spencer certainly wins when it comes to choice as there are also many variations of the above available on their site. However, it’s far to say that their prices are slightly higher, so it depends whether you want to pay a little extra for the quality and choice. Argos have a much smaller range, yet you can pick up some real bargains on those school uniform essentials. Matalan is a good balance of price and range if you’re on a tighter budget but have more specific school uniform requirements.

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