What Are the Latest Knitwear Trends?

Posted on 17 Sep 2019 by Anna Scott
For some people, autumn is the best season of the year, purely because it means they can get their cardigans out again. And what fabulous cardigans they are! Shorts and T-shirt weather is all very well and good, but true fashionistas love an excuse to wear a bit of stylish knitwear. But what are the latest knitwear trends? We’ve gathered together a few current knitwear styles that will see you through the season in a very fashionable manner. And even better, we’ve sourced a few ways you can save money on them too.


Animal Print Knitwear

Animal print is very much in right now when it comes to all sorts of garments, but the general rule is don’t go overboard. We’re talking a few carefully chosen items here, not a full-on leopard print outfit. Animal print might not seem like an obvious knitwear choice but hear us out. When it comes to new season jumpers, a stylish leopard print can work wonders, elevating your look without veering into extreme territory.

At the moment, we particularly love the Roman Originals Khaki Mixed Animal Print V-Neck Jumper (£35) as it gets the balance right between print, colour and flattering cut. It’s already great value for money, but we currently have a huge choice of savings on our Roman Originals discount codes page, such as the chance to get 20% off your first order if you are a new customer.



animal print jumper



Full Sleeve Knitwear

What exactly do we mean by ‘full-sleeve’? Not just long sleeve (always useful at this time of year), but FULL sleeve. Another way of putting it would be ‘puffy sleeve’, but this doesn’t sound half as stylish. Full sleeve knitwear gives your jumper that extra bit of opulence and adds a bit of drama to your favourite comfy garment. So what bargains do you need to look out for?

Our La Redoute discount codes are a great source of new season fashion savings, with one deal currently getting you an extra 30% off full-priced items. And as it happens, they have one of our favourite full sleeve jumpers! The Crew Neck Jumper in Chunky Pointelle (£42) comes in three fetching colours – nude, mustard yellow or coral – and we think you’ll agree, it very much nails the full sleeve knitwear trend.



full sleeve jumper



Bright Knitwear

Traditionally autumn and winter are about muted shades, but not so this year. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a dark brown cardigan, but why not opt for a bit more brightness this year? It’s ok, you’ll have the full support of fashion in general because it has been decided by whoever decides these things, that bright knitwear is in! The same rule applies as with animal print – don’t go for a full fluorescent outfit (unless you can get away with it of course), but rather have one or two brightly-coloured jumpers and cardigans in your collection that you can pair with dark jeans or a jacket.

Our Joules discount codes can always help you when it comes to classic styles with a twist, be it their popular fox jumpers or floral prints. So it should come as not surprise to find they can help with this trend too. We adore their Poppy Round Neck Jumper in Hot Pink (£49.95) and you can get money off it when you use one of our codes – even as much as 25%!



hot pink jumper

Still not seen exactly what you’re looking for in the way of new season knitwear? Don’t worry. Here at Discount Promo Codes we’ve got plenty of fashion deals and savings to enjoy – just explore our list of current clothing offers, or just look up your favourite online retailer to see what discounts are currently available.

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