4 Alternative Advent Calendars for Adults

Posted on 29 Nov 2016 by Anna Scott
Yes, it’s tempting to throw another Dairy Milk advent calendar into the trolley for yourself while you’re at the supermarket, but don’t you think you deserve something a bit more luxurious? With all the hard work you’ll be putting in throughout the December, buying an advent calendar to keep yourself motivated is a great idea, and when it comes to alternative advent calendars for adults, there really are no limits…



Advent calendars don’t have to be about confectionary, and if your idea of a treat consists of something less to do you with chocolate and more to do with trying out various shades of lipstick or your favourite brand of moisturiser, then Debenhams discount codes can help you out. Right now you can use them to claim free delivery on beauty products as well as a large number of beauty discounts including savings on their exclusive 7 Days of Clinique Advent Calendar (was £28, now £23.80) and Benefit Girl O’Clock Rock Advent Calendar (was £34.50, now £29.32) plus The Vintage Cosmetics Company ‘The Luxury Beauty’ Advent Calendar (was £99, now £69).

Clinique Advent Calendar


Gin, Gin and More Gin

December is about so many things – festive decorating, festive shopping, and perhaps most importantly, festive drinking. Of course, we’re not advocating you go overboard, but alcoholic advent calendars are now all the rage for over-18s and not only can they give you’re a treat in the form of a tipple at the end of the day, but they also give the opportunity to try something new. Amazon discount vouchers are a great source of savings on a large choice different types of advent calendar, and if you’re a botanicals fan then you might fancy the Drink by the Dram ‘Ginvent’ Calendar (RRP: £124.95, Amazon price: £104.99). We don’t recommend opening this one before breakfast though.


Ginvent Calendar


Tea Tasting

If you’re not really into the idea of a ‘ginvent’ calendar (difficult to believe, but still possible), then may we suggest a different sort of advent tipple? You can also use those very helpful Amazon discount vouchers to save on a number of different tea-themed calendars that you CAN enjoy before breakfast. In fact, that’s the perfect time to open one of the windows on the Hallingers Tea Deluxe Advent Calendar (was £69.90, now £59.90) which contains 24 fine gourmet teas with instructions on how to brew each one for the best possible results. We’re guessing a decent tea pot is also required for this one.


Hallingers Tea Advent Calendar


Posh Chocolates

One for the advent calendar traditionalists now, and just because you’d prefer to stick to the sweet stuff, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for a bog-standard brand. Using Hotel Chocolat promo codes can get you – surprise, surprise – a Hotel Chocolat advent calendar and this being Hotel Chocolat, then you can expect something as classy as it is delicious. With a 15% saving on your order, choose from their Milk, White, Dark or Caramel versions of ‘The Advent Calendar’ (£12.50 before discount) or if you want to share (difficult we know), then there’s ‘The Advent for Two’ (was £26, now £22.10 with discount).


Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar


Even if your tastes are even more niche, then in all probability you can find an advent calendar that now caters for them. Considering there are advent calendars for beard oil these days, anything’s possible…

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