Vote for the Children’s Air Ambulance This September in Our Charity Poll

Posted on 26 Aug 2020 by Amy Jackson

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Changing the face of paediatric and neonatal care, the Children’s Air Ambulance is a national service especially for critically ill babies and children. The service allows for high-speed transfers to children who need it most, flying them from one hospital to another for specialist care.


How Does the Children’s Air Ambulance Work?

The Children’s Air Ambulance features special clinically designed helicopters that serve as a flying intensive care unit for babies and children. The charity works with 10 NHS paediatric retrieval teams across the UK. This enables them to bring specialist equipment on board their helicopters, allowing them to transfer patients from one hospital to another safely. In the cases when a child is too unwell to fly, the Children’s Air Ambulance are able to fly specialist teams and medical equipment directly to them.

There is always an inherent risk with transferring critically ill babies and children. The risk becomes greater the longer the child is out of hospital. Flying is around four times faster than a land ambulance, not only minimising travel times, but also the risk to the child too.


How You Can Support the Children’s Air Ambulance

Every mission the charity flies costs £3,500. The Children’s Air Ambulance receives no government or National Lottery funding so relies solely on voluntary donations and support from businesses and communities in order to fly their daily missions.

This September, we are delighted to be supporting the Children’s Air Ambulance in our charity poll. Cast your vote for them today and help keep hope alive for children, parents, and their families.

To find out more about the charity, as well as how you can make a donation, visit their website:

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