How Your Vote for Brain Tumour Support can Help Provide Dedicated Support for People Affected by Brain Tumours

Posted on 01 Sep 2022 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Brain Tumour Support are a UK charity who provide specialist support for individuals, their families and their loved ones whose lives are affected by any type of brain tumour. The comprehensive range of services is available free of charge, at any point from diagnosis and for as long as it is needed.


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What Do Brain Tumour Support Do?

Brain Tumour Support offers vital emotional and practical support for anyone facing what can be a life-changing diagnosis, not only for the patient but for family and friends too. The charity’s goal is to ensure that no-one feels alone in their diagnosis, and that appropriate support is available at every stage, sadly often also through bereavement.

There are more than 120 different types of brain tumour, making them often very difficult to diagnose, but on average around 45 people every day in the UK receive this shocking diagnosis. The cause of brain tumours is still not known and it is something which can affect anyone of any age, sex, lifestyle or health. With the number of diagnoses and sadly the number of deaths caused by brain tumours increasing, support services for patients and their loved ones are more important than ever. A brain tumour diagnosis can be incredibly difficult to deal with, affecting mental and physical health as well as the additional stress on finances and practical day-to-day life. 

Brain Tumour Support wants to ensure that everyone affected by a brain tumour diagnosis, no matter how recently, what type of tumour it is or where they are in life, has access to essential support from trained professionals as well as by connecting with others facing similar situations. 


What Support Services do Brain Tumour Support Offer?

Brain Tumour Support offers a range of support services for family members, friends and carers as well as patients themselves. It is estimated that over 100,000 people in the UK are currently living with a brain tumour and with this in mind, these services provide an essential avenue for people affected by these brain tumours to seek practical and emotional support. 

    • Support Sessions: These online sessions enable people affected by brain tumours to come together for support no matter where they are in the UK. These regular sessions are run over Zoom, and anyone can join one of their regular sessions on PC, laptop, mobile or other devices. During these sessions, people can share their own experiences, discuss what challenges they are facing, help others going through similar hardships and connect with a variety of people. 

    • Specialist Counselling: Brain Tumour Support’s specialist counselling service is open to patients and their loved ones. The  one to one sessions with a professional, experienced counsellor provides a confidential, secure place to discuss any feelings or issues that may otherwise be difficult to handle.

    • Welfare Benefits Support Professional: A brain tumour can affect life in several ways, from the emotional toll it takes to the financial strain it can put on patients and their families. Over 40% of people who have a brain tumour have to give up work, which can leave many struggling financially. Brain Tumour Support’s  Welfare Benefits Support Professional provides information and help for patients, family and carers relating to benefit applications and appeals, and issues around finance and Power of Attorney.

    • Support Line: If someone affected by a brain tumour is struggling and just needs to talk to someone, then they also have the option of calling Brain Tumour Support’s dedicated UK support line. This is open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and offers friendly help, guidance and a listening ear.

    • Online Support: For those who prefer to use social media rather than phone or virtual calls, Brain nTumour Support has Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts where people can reach out if they need support. In particular their Facebook Forum is a dedicated closed group offering 24/7 peer-to-peer support where people can talk to one another about their experiences of living with a brain tumour diagnosis. There is also a closed Friends and Family group which is a separate group to specifically connect those who have a loved one diagnosed with a brain tumour.

    • Support Team: Last, but certainly not least, Brain Tumour Support has a dedicated support team who can provide ongoing help, guidance and support for those affected by a brain tumour. You can contact them online and this friendly team will assist you in any way they can. 

    How Can I Help Brain Tumour Support? 

    There are many ways to help Brain Tumour Support to continue the work they do, including voting for them in this month’s charity poll. They are one of the participating charities in our September 2022 poll, so by voting for them now you can boost their chances of winning this month’s donation. 

    If you are looking for more ways to support this worthy cause, then they are always very grateful for any Donations they receive. Such donations are essential for providing their vital support for so many families affected by brain tumours. 

    There are also plenty of ways to Fundraise for Brain Tumour Support such as coffee mornings, challenges and their annual ‘Sparkle Up Your Day’ in October. You can also buy clothes, gifts and accessories at their Online Shop, where all funds go towards providing their support services. 


    Where Can I Contact Brain Tumour Support? 

    Need to get in touch with their team? You can contact them by clicking on the hyperlink in the ‘Support Team’ section above. You can also give them a call on 01454 414355 or email them at [email protected].

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