6 Things We Secretly Love About Winter

Posted on 08 Dec 2016 by Anna Scott
Ok, so there are many things to moan about when it comes to the cold months – the cold weather for starters. But there are also things we secretly love about winter because it gives us the perfect excuse to be the very laziest versions of ourselves and for that we are very thankful. We many complain about cold feet, not being able to feel the sun on our skin and dark mornings and evenings, but really, would you give it all up if it meant saying goodbye to any of these guilty winter pleasures?


Cheesy Knitwear

There are two types of winter clothing – those garments designed with style in mind because an opportunity to wear more clothes means an opportunity to show off your fashionista credentials to an even greater extent. But then there’s the other type of winter clothing – those clothes that appreciate winter is a time to not care quite so much about what we’re wearing. As long as said winter garment is warm and cosy then we don’t mind in the slightest, and if it veers into cheesy territory then all the better. The classic example is the Christmas jumper of course, a statement in favour of cheesy knitwear if ever there was one, and you can use Boohoo discount codes to save 30% on knitwear right now, so take you pick from their gloriously cheesy Christmas selection.


Santa in jumper

Staying In

There’s plenty to say for going out in the winter – there’s nothing like sitting by the fire in a cosy pub that decked out for Christmas, or going all out for your work Christmas party for example – but is winter really the season for social animals? In this day and age, when disposable income is in short supply, we welcome the joys of staying in and the winter weather now gives us even more of an excuse. Thanks winter!


Cosy fireplace

Gorging on Food

Ok, so this is more Christmas specific than winter, but there’s much to be said for winter food as a whole. By the end of September we’re all getting a bit sick of salads and welcome all those soups, stews and roast dinners with open arms, and throughout December it is pretty much against the law NOT to consumer our entire weight in Quality Street. So now we’ve whet your winter appetites, use Ocado promo codes to save £20 or your first order and stock up on all those obligatory winter goodies.


Christmas cupcakes


Warming Alcoholic Drinks

What’s better than a nice cup of tea on a cold evening? A nice glass of mulled wine of course! Whatever the season, us Brits have a way on coming up with an alcoholic drink that suits it (see also Pimms for the summer) and in winter we can enjoy not just heated up alcoholic refreshment such as said mulled wine and hot toddies, but also seasonally appropriate single malt whiskies that warm you up all by themselves, no heating required. If you need to stock up on your Christmas beverages for suitable warming concoctions, Majestic Wine promotional codes offers some of the best value when buying by the case including 25% off mix and match wines.


Glass of mulled wine

The Chance to Start Again

Had a bit of a rubbish year? Although change can sometimes seem out of reach, for a short amount of time in January at least, you can feel the benefits of a fresh start that come with the New Year. We very rarely stick to them, but you never know, this year might the time you actually achieve those resolutions, and that feeling on New Year’s Day that anything’s possible really can’t be beaten. Unless you have a raging hangover of course.


New Year's fireworks

The Best TV and Films

Ok, so now that we live in an age of streaming, the best TV is available to us all year round, but not only does the staying in mentioned above mean we have more time to enjoy it all in the winter, but the fact that so much of it is on an actual TV at Christmas time makes it so much more special. Yes, we’ve seen Frozen a million times already but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to gather around and watch it after the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day. And the only time you should watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special for the first time is on Christmas Day after you’re full of turkey and pudding and cheese.


Christmas cinema


So basically winter is all about guilty pleasures, but really they’re guilty pleasures you shouldn’t feel in the least bit guilty about!

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