Get To Know Self Injury Support Charity And Vote for Them in The Charity Poll This April

Posted on 31 Mar 2022 by Amy Jackson

About Self Injury Support

Self Injury Support started 34 years ago as Bristol Crisis Service for Women and was registered as a charity in 2002, changing its name to Self Injury Support in 2014.


Who Are Self Injury Support?


 We are a UK wide, experience-led charity providing support for and improving knowledge around self-harm. We operate the only national helpline/text/web chat service dedicated to offering direct support to those affected through self harm while much of our direct work takes place in South Gloucestershire, Bristol and NE Somerset. 


What is The Purpose of Self Injury Support Charity?


Our aims and objectives are: to relieve sickness and promote the health of women who self-injure and are emotionally distressed by offering support to such women and their families; and to advance the education of the public about self-injury and mental health issues through the provision of training and information. In addition to providing training and information to people working with or otherwise in contact with people who self-harm, we work closely with colleagues in the NHS to provide a specialist intervention service to women, girls, males and members of the LGBTQI+ community who do not meet the NHS criteria for support, through our presence at A&E centres.

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