5 Easy Steps to Being a Healthy Vegan on a Budget

Posted on 17 Mar 2021 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Going vegan can be a daunting process, two of the main reasons people struggle to remain vegan or are apprehensive about going vegan is the expense of vegan food and not knowing how to be healthy. Any diet has the ability to be healthy or unhealthy, so in general keeping on top of what you are eating is a good idea. However, when there are less options in general for you to choose from, ensuring you get all your nutrients can ensure that you are not depriving your body of essential nutrients. As for saving money, with veganism on the rise in the last decade and with our MyVegan promo codes on hand, there are so many ways to find cheaper dairy and meat free alternatives, as well as fantastic home cooking recipes!

  1. Do Your Research

Many of us assume we know the basics of being healthy, but how much do we really know? Aside from the fact that eating vegetables is good for you and a diet of junk food is bad, researching the ins and outs of nutrition is key to any healthy, balanced diet. Therefore, whether you are vegan already or are transitioning, it’s a good idea to know where you can get your essential nutrients from to ensure you stay happy and healthy.

Here are some examples of key nutrients and where to get them in a vegan diet:

Protein: beans, peas, lentils, nuts, tofu, seitan, vegan meat alternatives

Calcium and Vitamin D: leafy green vegetables, fortified soya milk, pulses, bread, dried fruit.

Iron: Wholemeal bread, nuts, breakfast cereals, pulses, green leafy vegetables.

Omega 3: Soya products, tofu, flaxseed/rapeseed oil

Vitamin B12: Yeast extract (or marmite), breakfast cereals, soya drinks.

There are tons of free online resources to help you on your vegan journey too, from apps to recipes. Check out the nutrition pages from the Vegan Society and the NHS website for further information.


  1. Experiment, Engage and Enjoy Home Cooking

One of the best ways to save money on food, whether vegan or not, is to start cooking at home. If you already do home cooking, then you are a step ahead and you can likely create many of your favourite home cooked meals just with a few vegan replacements. If you do not do much home cooking already, or you tend to make more meat or dairy based meals, then experimentation is key. Find free recipes online at the Vegan Recipe Club, or simple google your favourite dishes for tasty vegan versions.

  1. Enjoy a Tasty Treat Once in a While

Living a healthy lifestyle as a vegan is not just about putting up with healthy foods to lose weight or get fit. The best way to live healthily and sustain it, is by changing your perspective on food and not restricting yourself but being mindful about what you eat. This means that on occasion, having a vegan treat is no bad thing. So maybe you had a good week at the gym, or just got a promotion at work – there are plenty of vegan treats to reward yourself with every now and then.

  1. Buy in Bulk

Bulk buying is a fantastic way to save money, especially when you shop or everyday essentials or ingredients for your favourite dishes. Vegan essentials such as pasta, rice, beans and nuts can be bought in bulk easily and last a long time. Not to mention these staples can create a variety of tasty dishes from stews and soups to curries and pies! Shopping online ensures that you get all of your essentials delivered straight to your door, and you can use our money off codes to save money on your shop.

vegan food shopping save money

  1. Shop Around and Avoid Name Brands

Well known vegan brands such as Alpro or shops such as Holland and Barrett are familiar to vegans and non-vegans alike. However, many supermarkets now have their own brands of everyday essentials such as soya or almond milk, margarine and even cheese. Supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys have a good reputation for offering low cost vegan alternatives, including long life products such as soya milk.

vegan almond milk food shopping save money

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