Help Support Those Affected by Lupus This September with a Vote for LUPUS UK in Our Charity Poll

Posted on 26 Aug 2020 by Amy Jackson
LUPUS UK is the national charity helping individuals and families affected by the presently incurable immune system illness, lupus. The charity funds medical research looking into potential causes and treatments of lupus, supports lupus patients in desperate need of help with the purchase of equipment and funds Specialist Lupus Nurses in NHS hospitals. Their vision is a world where people with lupus can live full and active lives.



What Do LUPUS UK Do?

LUPUS UK’s mission is to empower people with the condition. They do this by providing information about lupus and offering support, so their voices are heard alongside their condition being diagnosed and managed effectively.

Specialist Care

The charity believes that people with lupus are entitled to specialised care and treatment, whilst also informing and educating the medical profession and the public about lupus and its effects. LUPUS UK has worked with the NHS to establish ten LUPUS UK Centres of Excellence around the country who offer a high quality of care for people with lupus. The charity also aims to fund a new Specialist Lupus Nurse each year and has recently welcomed two new Nurses in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Bringing People Together

LUPUS UK believes in bringing people with lupus together, with the aims of reducing isolation and making sure they have the best possible information about their condition. For that reason, the charity has over 20 Regional LUPUS UK Groups based all across the country supporting our members and those yet to be diagnosed within their communities. Alongside this the charity has an online HealthUnlocked Community Forum for those who are unable to go out into their community.

Patient Education

LUPUS UK has decades of experience in providing patient education events. The charity is patient-led and engages very well with its community to ensure that all services are meeting their specific needs. The charity also has strong relationships with expert lupus clinicians and researchers from across the UK. These clinicians are happy to spare time to assist with patient education by writing literature or being guest speakers.

Engagement & Partnerships

The charity is well experienced in its use of social media to engage with patients and supporters and has developed a large following across various platforms which are very active. They have recently begun providing e-newsletters to both members and non-members and continue to send out their quarterly News & Views magazine to all members.

LUPUS UK is one of the founding members of the Rare Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases Alliance (RAIRDA) and continues to work with partner organisations supporting people with related health conditions. By coordinating responses LUPUS UK prevents any duplicated efforts and provides a stronger, unified message.

This September, LUPUS UK are taking part in our charity poll in a bid to win 20% of this month’s profits. Cast your vote for them today and help ensure that people with lupus have their voices heard! To find out more about the organisation or to make a donation, visit their website at

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