Vote for Bristol Mind in the December Charity Poll and Help them Support Those in Need

Posted on 01 Dec 2021 by Amy Jackson
Bristol Mind is a mental health charity who support people with mental health problems in Bristol and the surrounding areas. They contribute to the mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals and reduce stigma and discrimination. They do this by delivering free and affordable services including counselling, hate crime support, refugee counselling and wellbeing groups, training and helplines.Bristol Mind Up to Date Logo

Throughout the pandemic, many have suffered with mental health problems being stuck in their own homes with uncertainty towards the future, stuck in living spaces with abusive partners and in other unhealthy environments, causing a dramatic increase in the number of individuals needing support.


About Bristol Mind Services:


The charity provides help line for emotional support, a trans and non-binary helpline as well as helplines for any other mental health and wellbeing needs to ensure that those in need always have the right person to talk to which in most cases dissolve suicidal cases.

They offer training for organisations to ensure that work places have an increased awareness and that individuals feel looked after and safe at the workplace. All their courses are delivered by highly skilled individuals to ensure that organizations make the most of the service including First aid courses for mental health, short webinars and online courses. 


How can You Support Bristol Mind:


Voting in our charity poll is a great start! This December, the winning charity will receive 20% of our profits, so be sure that you have your say.

The charity also always welcomes volunteers who can either run fundraising campaigns, volunteer and help the charity with their helplines or even become a trustee! There are endless ways you can get involved and they appreciate all the help their supporters can offer.

To find out more about their services and how you can get involved, head over to their site:

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