7 Pet Products You Didn’t Know you Needed

Posted on 01 Nov 2019 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Whether you have a beloved cat, dog, hamster or ferret, you will no doubt know the joy that comes with spoiling your furry friend. From calming solutions for nervous cats to dog friendly beer, there are a variety of great products to help you and your fluffy companion whether it’s a birthday treat or an everyday item to make for a happier home. Of course, here at Discount Promo Codes, we are all about saving you money as well as introducing you to some fab new products. That’s why our guide to finding the best pet products doesn’t just cover some of the best lesser known pet products on the market but tells you where the deals are too! Check out our guide below and don’t miss out on the latest products for your animal companion. 



Calm Their Nerves on Bonfire Night

Pet owners all over the country will know how hard it is to cope with a nervous pet at this time of the year. With Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas and New Years just around the corner, many will be preparing to comfort their fearful furry friend over the coming months. However, with products such as Adaptil and Catcomfort, you can help your cat or canine to feel a little more at ease during these annual celebrations. Using our Fetch promo codes, you can get discounts such as 15% off all Adaptil dog collars, sprays and calming tablets. Simply find the method which works the best for you and your pet, and help your family enjoy the festive season. 


Treat Your Pup with Barking Bakery Doggie Muffins 

For birthdays, Christmas and Easter, many pet owners choose to shower their pet with pressies too, and why not?! This beloved member of the family deserves some spoiling from time to time. At Fetch, you can find a selection of sweet dog treats which are safe, tasty and a fantastic treat for your pooch. You can buy singular or a trio of delicious iced muffins, and even some dog friendly beer so you can your buddy can enjoy a pint together! 


Save Money & Reduce Food Waste 

One smart solution to avoiding food waste, or attracting flies with open pet food cans, is by investing in a Beco can cover. These nifty little covers help seal the pet food until you need it again, keeping away bugs and bacteria without wasting half a can because you have leftovers. This durable can cover Is made from tough, non-toxic silicone, and so can be easily washed and opened using a simple tab. At just £1.99, you can bag a bargain on these handy can covers and save a fortune on pet food!  



Care for Your Pet the Environmentally Friendly Way

Poo bags and cat litter trays are in the must-have list of every pet owner. These essentials we take for granted in our daily lives with our beloved companion, but what about the impact these products have on the environment? With between 4 and 12 million tonnes of plastic being dumped into the ocean every year, it’s easy to see how using plastic poo bags can damage the environment. However, with our Ethical Superstore promo codes, you can find environmentally friendly poo bags from Beco which are completely biodegradable. If you have a furry feline to care for, then avoid the traditional cat litter which goes straight into landfill, and instead use Bio-Catolet Cat Litter which is dust free, super absorbent and 100% biodegradable. 


Get Great Deals on Doggy Training Tools

Training a new puppy can be a hard task, especially knowing which training tricks actually work and how to be assertive without feeling bad for your pooch. However, at Doggie Solutions you can find a variety of professional training equipment which won’t cost a fortune! Before forking out for a dog trainer or training school, try clicker training your pup. They have a variety of small clickers and treat bags so you can train your furry friend both, from sit and stay to walking well on the lead. 



Help Your Pet Stay Flea Free

At Doggie Solutions, there are a range of grooming products to help your dog (or cat!) have a happy and healthy coat. With flea treatments such as their natural flea powder and grooming equipment such as the Mikki Smooth and Stroke glove, you can ensure that your pet isn’t suffering from flea bites or a matted coat. One of the best products which many pet owners aren’t aware of is the Itch Stick, which helps relieve pain and itching after a bout of fleas. For pets with flea allergies or who has recently suffered a flea infestation, this is a great little product which will ensure your pet doesn’t cause further damage through biting and scratching their bites. With Doggie Solutions discount codes, you can also save money on these grooming essentials, as you will find regular offers such as up to 75% off! 


Enjoy Adventurous Walks With Your Pup

If you and your pooch love long strolls through the countryside, then investing in some protective dog boots is a fab way of treating your dog to an exciting adventure without risking their health. From rocky uphill slopes to icy roads, going on walks at certain times of the year can be risky whether you are in the city or in the countryside. However, with Amazon discount codes you can get a great deal on Walker Active Protective Dog Boots; which offer your dog protection in all weathers and terrains through a non-slip sole and a breathable mesh material.  


Top 5 Innovative Items for Small Animals 

  1. Large Edible Hideaway Hut
    For: Guinea Pigs, Mice, Rats and Hamsters.
    Available At: Pets At Home 

  2. Carrot Rabbit Throw Toy
    For: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs
    Available At: Amazon  

  3. Trixie Large Wooden Digging Tower 
    For: Hamsters, Gerbils
    Available At: Amazon

  4. Back to Nature Small Animal Recycled Paper Bedding
    For: Rabbits, Rodents, Ferrets, Birds, Reptiles.
    Available At: Fetch 

  5. Tetra Aquarium 6 in 1 Water Test Strips 
    For: Fish, Aquarium Animals
    Available At: Fetch 


With the pet product market expanding year upon year, there are new products coming out all the time to help make pets and their owners lives just that bit better. Once you’ve explored the latest pet products at low prices using our discount pages, why not check out our guide to Saving Money on Green Pet Products and see how you can help the environment whilst shopping for your furry friend? 

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