Show Your Support for Children & Young People Living With Cancer by Voting for CLIC Sargent in February’s Charity Poll

Posted on 28 Jan 2021 by Amy Jackson
CLIC Sargent LogoCLIC Sargent knows that cancer doesn’t just impact a child or young person's health. It sends shockwaves through their world. It can affect them (and their families) mentally, stretch their finances to breaking point, put huge pressure on school, college or work, mess with their confidence, their relationships and their social life. That’s why CLIC Sargent exists.


What Does CLIC Sargent Do?

CLIC Sargent works with children and young people (aged 0-25) with cancer, and their families, to help them with everything outside treatment. This is So young cancer patients and their families are able to focus on getting well and living life as fully as possible, both during and after cancer.

This could mean helping families with all the additional costs a cancer diagnosis brings by giving grants and making sure they know all the benefits they’re entitled to. It could mean helping families stay together during their child’s cancer treatment by coordinating care so some medical procedures can happen at home, or arranging free accommodation for the family in a CLIC Sargent Home from Home close to hospital. Or, helping young cancer patients and families keep in touch with school, college, university or work to keep life as normal as possible.

CLIC Sargent knows that everyone is different, so they work hard to offer services based on what each person needs the most.

This February, we are delighted to be supporting CLIC Sargent in our charity poll. You can help them win 20% of this month’s profits by casting your vote today!

To find out more about CLIC Sargent’s work and make a donation, head over to their website

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