Explore New Trends on National Lipstick Day

Posted on 29 Jul 2016 by Anna Scott
Yes, today is National Lipstick Day and as there are many women (and some men) who don’t like to leave the house without their trusty lippy, we thought we’d use this an excuse to brush up on some summer lipstick trends. There’s something for everyone here whatever your skin tone or preference, so check your make-up bag to see if you’re in need of some new shades, or just want to stock up on an old favourite…



Olivia Palermo x Ciate London Satin Kiss LipstickIt’s the perfect starting point, and unless you’ve been living under a make-up free rock for the last few months, you’ll have noticed that red lips are absolutely everywhere right now. These shades used to be reserved for the only bravest of cosmetics folks, but now pretty much anyone can find a way to make red lipstick part of their key look. But how do you get it just right? The trick is to make sure everything is in balance. If you’re opting for a bright red, try not to overdo the eyeshadow or blusher – keep it natural and minimal and your lips should make much more of an impact this way. All the major cosmetics brands now appreciate the fact that the public needs a wide selection of red lipsticks to choose from and they don’t disappoint. You could opt for a classic pillar-box matte red shade, or for extra gloss stick another layer of, well, gloss on top, perhaps in a slightly different shade of red for maximum effect. You can use current Cloud 10 Beauty promo codes to save an extra 10% on sale items including the Olivia Palermo X Ciate London Satin Kiss Lipstick in Velveteen (£19 before additional discounts) if you want a classic shade.



INIKA Vegan Lipstick - 4.2gThis colour category covers many different options, and all of them very much on trend this summer. Let’s start with vampy goth lips. You might not think this sort of shade applies to too many types of folk but you’d be wrong – these dark shades can work on many different skin types and you don’t have to embrace the full goth look to try them. For those who don’t want to go too dark, try a shade of deep plum, but don’t forget to add layer on layer for the full effect. And for a slightly brighter look (but not bright enough to be featured in our bright category below), how about violet? You can use Look Fantastic discount codes to save on the Inika Vegan Lipstick in Orchid Fields if you want to experiment further (£18 before additional discounts).



AbareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick - Various Shades (3.5g)lthough there are many different shades that are suitable for summer wear, nothing quite sums up this time of year better than a bright lipstick. But don’t worry if you think this is all about fluorescent pinks. There are fluorescent pinks, obviously, but these types of shades can encompass the very much on trend melon shades too. For a slightly more grown-up bright lipstick, why not go with a fuchsia type shade? Or if you want something completely different, pastels are making quite the mark this summer. Think 60s-style make-up to match beehives and neon outfits. Or you could just go the whole hog and opt for a vibrant orange. A great starting point for bright colour experimentation is the Bareminerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Never Say Never (£17 from Look Fantastic).



Bourjois Rouge Edition Shine Lipstick Rose Xoxo 24No matter what’s on trend, some people are never going to be completely comfortable wearing bright or deep colours and that’s absolutely fine. After all, summer can be as much about the casual look as it is about the tropical shades. If you want to try a light pink shade (although not full-on pastel), why not pair it with a subtle pink eyeshadow too? Or one of the very best summer shades that seems to be timeless is rosy pink. You can go with a ‘barely there’ shade to match a minimal summer make-up look, or something a little deeper to bring out your matching rosy summer cheeks. Using Superdrug promotional codes, you can currently save on the Bourjois Rouge Edition Shine Lipstick in Rose Xoxo (£7.99 or 3 for the price of 2).


What better time of year is there to experiment with your lipstick shade than National Lipstick Day? There’s plenty of choice available for many different price ranges so it’s not too late to stock up your summer collection and try something new.


































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