5 Kitchen Appliances to Replace Your Deep Fat Fryer With

Posted on 29 Aug 2016 by Anna Scott
No one would have predicted that it would be the humble deep fat fryer to start a war of words between Mary Berry and Greg Wallace, but here we are. It all began with Berry saying there’s no reason for any family to own a deep fat fryer these days and Wallace responding by calling this ‘an attack on our British way of life’. Ok, so it might not have been quite as acrimonious as made out by the press, but it does seem to have sparked a bit of a debate about whether a deep fat fryer really does have any place in the British family kitchen in this day and age. Not even taking into account that many of us don’t even have a kitchen counter big enough for a deep fat fryer to sit on, should we be considering other more convenient, less cumbersome and slightly healthier alternatives? Here are few ideas if you’re looking to upgrade and inspire…


Low Fat Fryers

Low Fat FryerLet’s start with the most obvious alternative. No one’s saying you shouldn’t have your chips and eat them, but rather consider eating a slightly healthier version. There is no shortage of low fat fryers available if you want to give them a go (use Argos discount codes to see some very good value options), and let’s face it, anything is better than oven chips.



The Hut BlenderAny health conscious kitchen needs a blender, whether it’s a handy hand held one or all-singing, all-dancing blender that does pretty much everything you could want it to do, as well as looking very stylish on your kitchen counter. They can help you create healthy breakfast smoothies, bases for sauces and tasty soups. And the very best thing about them? You can disguise those pesky vegetables for any kids that refuse to eat them. Use The Hut promo codes to see if you can save on a brand new blender that might soon become your go-to kitchen essential.



Vegetable 3 Tier SteamerYou might not think you need a vegetable steamer, because surely you can boil anything you can steam? Well, yes, but when vegetables steam they also retain their essential vitamins and nutrients, making them even healthier. There’s plenty of choice available, from electric steamers that allow you to cook different types of foods on different tiers (available with Co-op Electrical Shop promotional codes), or even just basic bamboo steamers that you can place on top of a saucepan on the hob.


Hot Air Popcorn Makers

Hot Air Popcorn MakerOk, so this one’s not exactly essential, but can still provide a very delicious healthy alternative. We all know it’s MUCH cheaper to buy corn kernels and make your own popcorn at home and up until now you might have been using the traditional method of heating up a small amount of oil in a large pan then waiting for the kernels to pop (with the lid on of course). But with hot air popcorn makers you don’t even need the oil, seeing as they use hot air to heat the kernels up (the clue is in the name). Healthy snacks all-round then!




Wherever you stand in the great deep fat fryer debate, we can probably all agree that we don’t use them anywhere near as much as British families used to in the past. For all Greg Wallace’s talk of spam fritters, does anyone actually want to eat one? No, didn’t think so. So perhaps consider making one of these healthier kitchen appliances part of your culinary routine instead, and if you do get that deep fat craving, there’s always the local chippy to fall back on - let’s face it, they’ll fry those chips so much better than you ever could at home.

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