How to Dress for the British Summertime

Posted on 28 Apr 2017 by Anna Scott
As a country, we often look out of the window and ask ourselves HOW can it be so sunny yet so chilly at the same time? And how can there be downpours for 5 days straight in August? British summertime, that’s how. Ok, so it’s not all bad – we do get some lovely sunny days and the occasional heatwave (which we love to agonise over too), but the changeable nature of British summertime means it can be tricky to dress for. So for those days when sunshine isn’t 100% guaranteed (perhaps whilst you're taking a very British holiday), here are a few tips on how you can get the most out of your wardrobe…


Sensible Layers

Not the most exciting phrase to put in a fashion context, but by ‘sensible’ we don’t mean various shades of beige nylon, but rather layered clothing that can be easily adapted to suit sunny days and chilly evenings. So instead of woolly jumpers, think light cardigans over T-shirts and vests, or channelling the current 90s trend of wearing your cami dress over a T-shirt. Another idea is a loose, long-sleeved shirt over a white tee, meaning you can roll up your sleeves if you start to feel a little bit balmy, or tie around your waist if the midday sun decides to show its face. Crew Clothing has a special 20% off Bank Holiday discount code valid until 1st May, and you can use it to save on their Classic Voile Shirt (£55 before discount) that would be perfect for such a look.



Natural Fabrics

Synthetics have their uses (for example, us Brits do love wearing our thermals in the winter months), but they’re not so great in warmer weather. One major benefit of natural cottons and linens is that they can keep us cool in the heat, but provide warmth when it gets too chilly. For this reason, they are essential to the British summertime and if you find yourself lacking in the cotton department, you can use our Crew Clothing code to save on a pair of Wide Legged Cropped Trousers (£55 before discount).



Transitional Jackets

These come in fairly useful from April onwards when your winter coat is making you sweat, but going without means you might get caught in a downpour. A good quality trench coat is an ideal match for your workwear wardrobe, but for something more casual, the Crew Club Women’s Lightweight Cagoule (£75 before discount) will keep out the elements without weighing you down. And then there’s the added bonus that it looks rather stylish too.



Accessories for Every Eventuality

There’s no one garment that is suitable for sun, rain, wind and cold evenings (basically, British summertime in a nutshell), but there are accessories that will not only offer a practical use but also act as the cherry on top of the cupcake that is your summer outfit. So, the two essential items that you should never leave the house without are a pair of sunglasses and a small umbrella, but it’s also worth considering a hat for particularly sunny days too. There you go – everything covered. Literally.


We may mock our changeable weather but let’s face it, if it was sunny all the time, we’d be moaning about that too. So instead of getting annoyed about British summertime, let’s embrace it, preferably whilst wearing a handy cagoule.


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