How Eco Friendly Are Your Baby Products?

Posted on 13 Apr 2018 by Anna Scott
One of the biggest spending sprees you can go on is the one before your new baby arrives. It’s understandable we want everything to be brand spanking new, but being any eco-friendly parent is about so much more than just buying nappy cream with all-natural products and anything with a green sticker on. The eco-friendly baby product market is a booming one but it’s HOW we use these items that can affect our carbon footprint the most.


Buy Secondhand Where Possible

Picking up secondhand baby gear is usually praised as a money saving idea, but it’s the very best thing you can do for the environment too. Think about the amount of perfectly good high chairs, pushchairs and cots that potentially end up in landfill sites every year and you’ll soon see why.


baby feeding high chair


But it’s not just larger items that this can be applied too – buying good quality secondhand baby clothing means you’ll be doing even more for the environment. Great garments are easy to find in secondhand baby product fairs and stores and many of them are hardly worn because those babies grow at very fast rate indeed.


Really Think About Those New Baby Buys

But there are always going to be things that we will want to get brand new and there’s nothing wrong with this. As long as you think about not only where they’ve come from but where they’re going to go once you’ve used them. Investing a bit more in quality means they will last and you can pass them onto another new parent once you’re done with them.


smiling baby in babygro


Take a look at the materials used to make those toys, gadgets and clothes – do they come from sustainable sources and if not, are their more environmentally-friendly alternatives? Buying baby clothing made from organic cotton is not only better for the environment and for your baby’s skin, but their high quality means they are much more hardwearing than other garments.


The Nappy Dilemma

This is the big question facing new parents? Disposable or reusable? On the face of it, there’s an obvious answer when it comes to which is the more eco-friendly, but is this really as simple as it first appears?


baby hands


Opting for reusable nappies can dramatically cut down on your waste, but if you’re washing them on half-loads and chucking them in the tumble dryer all the time, then you’re going to lose brownie points. Or rather, green points. Choosing reusable is about so much more than that initial purchase, it’s about changing your habits as well as those nappies.

If the practicalities of reusable nappies are a bit too much for your circumstances, then there are now lots of biodegradable disposable options now available online that are much more environmentally friendly that traditional disposable nappies.


Baby Skincare

One of the biggest eco-friendly baby product markets is the toiletries one. These have a focus on all-natural ingredients and are great for those with sensitive skin as well as being kinder to the environment. However, one thing you need to keep an eye on is packaging. The most reputable companies will keep this in check too, but if it’s a brand that’s gone a bit overboard, then you need to question their green credentials.


Buying eco-friendly often comes with a higher price tag, but the good thing about this ever-expanding category is that with more choice comes lower prices. Online retailers like Ethical Superstore cover a huge range of products, all conforming to their own high standards, and specialists like Frugi can offer eco-friendly organic baby clothing at affordable prices, especially if you shop in their sale. But always remember the most important mantra – reuse and recycle where possible!

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