Get Your Garden Looking Lovely on the Cheap

Posted on 16 Feb 2018 by Anna Scott
It’s that time of year again. Still technically winter, but when the sun comes out, we’re fooled into thinking it’s might be just about nice enough for an afternoon potter in the garden. Ok, so it’s a bit chilly it you want to venture out for more than five minutes, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the warmer months ahead. If you’ve recently moved and have a backyard for the first time, or your garden to do with a little bit of a makeover, here are some tips on quick changes you could make on a tight budget…


Forget the Paving, Go with the Gravel

In an ideal world, we’d all like the sort of paving you see in various picturesque Pinterest posts, but in reality, this takes time and money. But if you need a quick fix in time for the spring, bags of white garden gravel will have a pleasing effect on the eye and contrast nicely with your lawn. Just clear the space, lay down a permeable weed-proof membrane and spread your stones. Bags are available to order using Wickes promo codes and they work out much better value (and less hassle) than paving stones.


Garden gravel



Paint That Fence

A bare fence isn’t the nicest view and unfortunately, you can’t make climbing plants climb any quicker than they do naturally. But this is one thing you can do that gives immediate results is paint your fence panels. Perhaps an attractive duck egg blue or muted stone colour? Or something brighter if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous. And once it’s dried, you can at least make a start on getting those climbers climbing by crafting your own DIY trellis (with bamboo or wire) or buying some cheap trellising panels.

Upcycling Planters

If you think about it, anything can be a planter. Well, maybe not anything, but near enough. Old wooden drawers, colanders, oil tins and cans…the list goes on. Get creative, make sure they’ve got adequate drainage and decorate your garden with whatever suits. Just don’t forget to plant something in them.

Cheap Bistro Sets

Even if you’ve only got a tiny outdoor space or balcony, you can still find room for a small bistro set (table and chairs for two). In this instance, cheap doesn’t have to mean unattractive, because you can use our Argos promotional codes to pick up stylish sets for under £50.


Bistro set



Outdoor Fairy Lights

Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas: FACT. Not only can a well-placed, well-chosen set brighten up your indoors all year-round, but they can also do the same for your garden. Drape some across over-hanging trees or around your garden table and it will create the perfect atmosphere for a garden dinner party. Once the weather picks up, of course.

Mirror, Mirror On the (Garden) Wall

Got a slightly shabby looking mirror that you have no use for indoors? Find the right spot in the garden, and it can work wonders. Perhaps arrange propped up in a corner behind that attractive bistro set you ordered, or simply against the wall or garden on the far side to give an illusion of more space. Just remember that you want it to be reflecting something nice (not the wheelie bins or drain pipes). It’s recommended that you don’t do this in hot countries because of the fire risk, but we think you’ll be just fine in the UK.


Adding a bit of colour and character to your garden really can be done on the cheap. So, if you’re short of a few quid right now, you can still transform your outdoor space in no time by putting into place even just one or two of these helpful tips.

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