Send in the (Happy) Clowns!

Posted on 13 Oct 2016 by Anna Scott
There’s nothing quite as divisive as a clown. You’re either terrified or think of them as a symbol of joy, but we think the latter group might be on the wane in the light of recent news. Yes, the ‘killer clown’ craze seems to getting a bit out of hand, with ‘pranksters’ up and down the country attempting to scare all and sundry in their slightly nightmarish clown costumes. Although, and anyone considering joining in on the scares should take note, it’s not really much of prank anymore when the police have to be called in.

So how can we reclaim the clowns again, and this time for happier, more celebratory purposes? Clowns are supposed to be FUN and HAPPY individuals, after all. Here are a few suggestions on how we can all kill off this killer clown craze for good and bring back the laughs…


Point and Giggle

Child in clown glasses and noseTheir aims may be to terrify (and probably get their efforts in the news), and even though a scary clown can be a bit, well, scary, perhaps we should be turning this situation on its head. Instead of running screaming the other direction or posting their picture on social media, just point and laugh at them. This is a person who has taken a great deal of time to dress up in an attempt to scare people who are just getting on with their day. They deserve to be ridiculed!


Celebrate the Happy Clowns

Happy clownOne unfortunate side effect of this scary clown business is the fact that genuine clowns who seek to spread joy are now losing business because of the more unsavoury kind ruining their reputation, and a troupe of ‘Clown Doctors’ who go and visit sick children in hospital have even had to cancel an event because of threats from a ‘killer clown’ group. Although now veering into serious situation territory, it feels like it’s time to hit back with a few happy clown costumes that spread joy instead of fear and annoyance. Although there are reports of some fancy dress shops no longer selling clown outfits, you can still get the non-scary type using Angel Fancy Dress promo codes.


Sit Tight Until Halloween is Over

Clown performanceIn spite of our best efforts, we suspect that this clown craze is unlikely to blow over until Halloween is done for another year. So one strategy might be to just ignore them as best you can, or maybe just ignore Halloween altogether – stay at home at home that evening, don’t answer the door and put your feet up in front of the telly. You can still stock up on sweets using Chewbz discount codes, just keep them all to yourself.


Surround Yourself with Clowns of the Good Kind

Clown balloonIt’s time to remind ourselves how nice clowns can be. Read stories about the friendly kind (check out The Book People discount vouchers for a whole array of kids’ titles), book tickets to the circus and just surround yourself with clown positivity in general. This way you’ll be sure to drown out all the negative scary clown stuff as well as reduce your chances of passing on any clown phobias to the next generation.



This may not be the ideal time of year to combat the ‘killer clown’ craze, but we can give it a decent shot. Because there’s nothing more annoying than a ‘prankster’. Especially one who isn’t actually very funny.

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