Top Tips on Cutting the Cost of Home Appliances & Technology

Posted on 14 Oct 2019 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
There’s nothing worse than discovering something you rely on daily is on its last legs. From your laptop crashing just as you finish a university assignment to your oven refusing to cook the simplest of meals, your entire life can be put on hold due to a single appliance. What makes this even worse is that you know that the cost of a repair or replacement will be a drain on your bank account, and you’ll need to fork out a fortune just to get back to normal daily life! But what if you didn’t? What if you could be sure that you can get new home electricals from toasters to tumble dryers, at bargain prices; without worrying that it wont last beyond 6 months? Find out how to shop for new technology and appliances the right way and save a fortune on upfront costs as well as saving a bundle with reliable home electricals. 


1. How to Discover the Brands that Won’t Let You Down

The first step to finding a new appliance which will not only be reliable but also affordable, is knowing which brands are at the top of their game. Browsing online customer reviews on Trustpilot, and Feefo are a great way to get an insight into peoples personal experiences with different stores and brands, including their longevity, quality and ease of use. But what brands and stores are currently topping the review charts? 

  • Cartridge People: If you are looking for savings on top quality computer accessories, printers and inks then Cartridge People discount codes could be the way to go. With a 93% customer satisfaction rate on, you can get all your printing and computing essentials from one place without worrying about delivery, quality or price. When you use our saving codes online, you can get additional discounts at this already affordable cartridge store.

  • Beko Fridge Freezers: Which? Are one of the leading brand review companies in the UK, with their team rigorously testing a variety of brands across sectors from tools to televisions. One of their leading brands in the appliance sector is Beko, with a huge range of fridges and fridge freezers which have met their expert quality testing time and time again! Check out the latest Which? Reviews and take advantage of the work that their team of testers has already done so you wont be left disappointed. 




2. Search for Money Saving Codes Online 

Once you’ve found the best place to buy your new appliance, or have pinpointed the brand you want to buy, get searching for ways to save money without compromising on your chosen model. Here at Discount Promo Codes, you can explore thousands of retailers and brands from around the world and find savings simply by copying and pasting a unique code in at the checkout. For example, with our Carphone Warehouse discount codes, we have regular money saving deals such as “Free Delivery on All Phones”, “Free Samsung Galaxy Buds” and “Apple iPhone 11 for Just £43”. Simply use the search tool on our homepage to find the store or brand you want, and make sure not to miss out on a bargain. 


3. Read Up on Maintenance

One of the key points to remember once you receive your brand-new appliance, is that you need to take care of it. No matter what brand you brought from which retailer, maintenance is vital to make the most of your purchase and to avoid any costly complications which could shorten the life of your new appliance. Here are some simple tips when it comes to maintaining your home electricals, however, be sure to read the instruction and maintenance manual as well so you are doing all you can to care for your new purchase. We consulted the team of professional electricians at Fantastic Handyman to make sure we're right. Read along and think twice about how you take care of gear.


Televisions, Laptops and Phones 

It can be so exciting to use new gadgets that we often forget about the maintenance manual and just jump right into watching, playing on or using our new gadget. However there are some super simple ways to ensure your tech is kept in great condition including; making sure it doesn’t overheat by keeping it in a cool place, keeping the brightness level reasonable to avoid exhausting the screen light emitters, keeping food and drink away from your gadgets at all times to avoid spills and crumbs and having up to date antivirus software. As for smartphones; ensuring that you have either a hard case or a wallet style cover for your phone means that pricey screen damage can be avoided. 




Keep Your Kitchen Appliances Clean

You don’t need to have years’ of experience as a plumber or builder in order to keep your dishwasher, oven, fridge or washing machine in good working order. Using our Currys promo codes, you can find top brands such as Beko, Hotpoint, Samsung and Bosch at bargain prices, but to ensure a long life for your new appliance, maintenance is essential. For dishwashers, the most important thing is to clean the food off your dishes before you put them in to avoid a build up of food bits and bacteria, as well as using a dishwasher cleaning product every three months. Cleaning your oven regularly and scraping off any burnt bits will also lessen the likelihood of repairs, as well as avoiding putting in aluminium foil to collect food as this can interrupt the heating element. To keep your washing machine in expert shape, be sure not to overload it, and try to clean the interior and dispensers regularly. You can even create a mixture to put in the washing machine of hot water with 2 cups of vinegar (as well as ½ cup of detergent mid-cycle) and put on an empty cycle to keep your machine super clean!

So, if you are keen to get a new kitchen appliance or gadget, then be sure to follow our top tips on finding the right brand, saving money and ensuring your new purchase lasts as long as possible by maintaining it correctly. If you are planning on getting a gadget as a Christmas gift, then be sure to check out our recent blog post, Cutting Back for Christmas: How to Reduce Your Spending and Start Saving

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