Do You Follow the Fashion Brands Getting Facebook Right?

Posted on 09 Feb 2018 by Anna Scott
Some people are pretty selective about the retailers they ‘Like’ on Facebook, others want to show their appreciation every time they place an order. But how long before your cursor starts to hover over that ‘Unlike’ button? When it comes to Facebook pages, being creative with content keeps our attention and makes it much more likely we’ll return to spend more. With many shoppers now getting their retail inspiration via social media, we’re taking a closer look at three fashion brands that get their Facebook content just right…


La Redoute

Our La Redoute promo codes are always very popular thanks to a combination of generous discounts and that quintessential French style you can’t really find anywhere else. But if you’re not following them on Facebook, you’re missing out on some extra savings as well as great style inspiration. This retailer has adopted some very effective Facebook strategies including balancing various types of content to keep us shoppers engaged. Not only does La Redoute have direct links to specific garments with ‘shop the look’ posts, but they also use giveaways to catch our attention. When it comes to those extra savings, they regularly post about additional discounts on sale items, often for a very limited time only. In other words, the perfect sort of discount to show on a Facebook page, because you’ll want to take advantage of it before it disappears.


La Redoute facebook banner



You might not be familiar with this retailer, but Facebook is the ideal way to get acquainted. Celebrating women’s fashion in all different shapes and sizes, this focus on body positivity is front and centre of their Facebook presence. The thinking behind a lot of plus-size retailers is designing specific types of clothing to suit larger figures, but Elvi goes further than this. On their Facebook page, you can follow their #everyBODY campaign which features the same styles from sizes 8-28, and all at the same price. In an ideal world, this concept shouldn’t be revolutionary, but in reality, we all know it’s something to be celebrated. On our own Elvi discount codes page you can find savings for new and returning customers, but their Facebook page is the place to be for inspiring posts and fashion suggestions for all figures.



As good as a useful product link can be at the right time, our favourite Facebook pages are the ones we like to engage with and Yumi’s page is a nice balance of featured garments and conversational points. Whether it’s asking what you think of their new fabrics, showing you their design inspiration or posting funny memes, there’s always something cute and amusing to enjoy here. They are also well worth following for their kids clothing posts too, offering gorgeous girls’ garments that are a bit different to the usual stuff found on the high street. Their Facebook page and our Yumi promotional codes page make the perfect combo, and if anything, Yumi’s bright dresses and fabrics will add a bit of colour to your news feed!


Yumi facebook banner


Do you think about how your own social media pages work on Facebook and what might be turning you audience off? Whether you’re promoting a brand that you love, your own blog or business, your social media will always be an important way to spread your brand. Fit Small Business has a great guide on Marketing Tips for Facebook that could ensure that your likes go up and not down.

Having the same old retailer posts showing up on your Facebook can be irritating to say the least. But we guarantee these three will offer up something useful and joy-making on a regular basis, so think about showing them a bit of Facebook love.

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