5 Top Summer Accessory Trends for 2018

Posted on 04 May 2018 by Anna Scott
Here comes the summer! We’re heading into the first May Bank Holiday of the year hoping for half decent weather, but also for a few spare pounds to rejuvenate our summer accessory collection. So, what’s in this year? If you need help adding those finishing touches to your summer wardrobe, give one or two of these a go…


Transparent Tote Bags

Actually, according the catwalks, it’s transparent everything. Earrings, leg warmers, you name it, if it’s an accessory then it must be see through. But we think the transparent tote bag has the most chance of taking off with the masses. New Look has a nice introduction if you don’t want to go full-on transparent, with a White Tinted Clear Tote, but trust us, showing off your designer purse through your bag is going to be all the rage this summer. Just make you keep an eye on it when you’re out and about.


New Look Transparent Tote



Black Berets

There are lots of hat styles in this year – wide-brimmed straw hats and baker boy caps to name a few – but we reckon the black beret ticks all the right boxes. Understated yet not without impact, a little bit retro, will go with lots of different summer outfits, and most importantly, super-cute. They are literally all over your favourite online stores right now, so grab one while you can. Or alternatively, dig your old one out from the bottom of the wardrobe where it’s been resting since berets were last in fashion.


New Look black beret




Another cute summer accessory if you’re not into hats. And like the best accessory trends, this one is very versatile and shouldn’t be limited to just festival-goers. Everything from statement headbands to fabric bandana-style headbands to delicate floral design ones, New Look has a good selection for lots of different styles. And let’s not forget the cats ear headband, that one accessory trend that certainly isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


New look headbandNew look bandana



Short Strap Crossbody Bags

We’re not done with the bag trends just yet and this one ticks both the practical and stylish boxes. Lots of folk prefer a crossbody bag so they can keep their hands free and thankfully the fashion gods have answered their prayers this year. Missguided currently have a huge selection of this sort of thing with many of them under £30.


khaki crossbody bagcrossbody bum bag



Round and Cats Eye Sunglasses

Two very different sunglasses trends this year, so you’re sure to find something that will suit your usual style. The round sunglasses look covers both big and small frames and the cats eye trend is for those who prefer something a bit more glamorous. Just make sure whatever sunglasses you buy, they come with sufficient UV protection.


MIssguided cats eye sunglasses



We can all agree there’s something here for everyone, right? All we have to do now is wait for the weather to arrive…

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