Top 10 Money-Saving Websites

Posted on 31 Oct 2016 by Julian House
There are many benefits of being in this Internet age, and one of them is being able to save money from the comfort of our homes. Here, you’ll find a list of websites that could make your life easier.

Money saving websites


 There’s an abundance of websites, apps and promotions available to save us money on the move. Or better yet, we can save from the comfort of our home. When looking to budget and use couponing to our advantage, what websites should we be looking at? There are a number of them that could cut your costs and become very useful, we give you 15 that could save you money.


Money Supermarket

One of the most effective websites for saving our pennies, and it’s completely free to utilise. Established by personal finance journalist Martin Lewis, he now shares his knowledge, experience and advise to the public. You may have seen some of his money-saving shows on television, as he helps everybody cut costs on all aspects of their lives. Find out where to open a new bank, where to take out your insurance and how to save on your weekly shopping. You’ll gain countless tips and tactics from this expert website.



This coupon website helps you get money-off an assortment of different products and services. It will suggest local restaurants, experiences, essentials, sport equipment, fashion and more. You will come across a number of different offers that you may not have expected. It’s definitely worth registering and keeping an eye on their latest offers.

Read It, Swap It

A fantastic concept that allows bookworms to trade in their old books for new ones without any cost. If you’ve already read a book and no longer want it, why not stake that for something you haven’t managed to get your hands on yet. With a database of almost half a million people, you will be able to swap your books with others. This company go by their name, you can now read it and swap it.

Go Compare

The go-to place to compare all prices, looking to renew your car insurance? Then where else would you go? Go Compare enable you to compare a number of companies without leaving this domain. It’s now possible to shop around, without actually having to shop around. Isn’t the Internet a fantastic invention? We sometimes take some of these innovative services for granted but we can now compare our home insurance, car insurance, mortgages and credit cards.

Say No to 0870

Tired of being charged unnecessarily for important phone calls that you need to make? There’s a misconception that all numbers that begin with 08 are free, but that’s incorrect. You could be charged more than your local rate, so with a company such as Saynoto0870 you will be able to find an alternative free number for all major organisations and businesses.


You might be familiar with this money-maker, once we renew our handset we often forget about the old one. Don’t abandon the old phone in the back of your cupboad let somebody else use it. There’s a grateful user out there and you could make some cash back. Environfone helps you recycle your old phones, just type in the mobile phone that you want to sell and find out how much you could get back.


Rather than paying money on phone-calls and other messaging services, why not use Skype to its full capacity. It’s not just for video calls, you can make phone-calls, send e-mails and embrace their instant chat. There are a number of free offers and also tariffs that can be bought for less. Install this well-known app on your laptop, tablet and phone.

Discount Promo Codes

And of course, our very own Discount Promo Codes could cut your costs. We operate as a team of deal hunters that help consumers save on all of their shopping without stepping foot outside. With 20% of our profits going to a good cause, you will be raising for charity in the process of saving money. Save all-round with Argos discount codes, Tesco promo codes and New Look voucher codes.

Music Magpie

Another fantastic recycling business that allows you to gain money for items you no longer use. Why not let somebody else enjoy your old CD’s? You’ll be rewarded for trading them in and will be offered money for your old CDs and DVDs. Get rid of your music and receive money too.


DayTripper is an unusual money-saving company as they offer you ways of cutting costs on wine. You can now visit France and get great-value wine, beer and tobacco. So plan your day trip to Europe and get the best tasting wine around.


These ten money-saving tactics could cut your all-round costs on food shopping, insurance, day-trips and general day-to-day activities.

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