4 Easy Soups You Can Make at Home

Posted on 23 Feb 2016 by Anna Scott
With an increase in online supermarket savings such as Waitrose promo codes, Sainsburys promo codes and Morrisons promo codes, it’s now even easier to get better value from your grocery shop. So with the weather still a bit nippy and the temptation to stay indoors very strong, why not stock up on your ingredients and whip up some easy homemade soups? Not only can you enjoy them now but they’re perfect for sticking in the freezer and serving another time, probably when you’re not that keen on leaving the house yet again. Here are 4 soups that are delicious, nutritious and require minimum effort on your part…


Chicken and Leek

To get the best out of this recipe, you need to try it after you’ve enjoyed a roast chicken – take any leftover bits of chicken off the remaining carcass then keep to one side. Boil up the bones along with a roughly chopped carrot and onion and a couple of crushed garlic cloves, then leave to simmer for at least an hour and a half. In the meantime, finely slice 2 leeks and 2 carrots.

You will find a plentiful supply of leeks in your favourite supermarket so why not buy some when you next place an order using our Morrisons promotional code? Fry those leeks and carrots in some oil until soft, drain your chicken stock and add. Simmer for about 15 minutes, season and serve.

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Creamy Pumpkin

Spiced Squash And Coconut SoupOr rather, strictly speaking creamy butternut squash soups, as you’re probably far more likely to find these in your supermarket or online using one of our Waitrose discount codes or Sainsburys discount codes.

Chop up 1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic and fry in some oil. Peel, de-seed and dice 1 butternut squash then add this to the pan and season. Make up enough vegetable stock to cover the vegetables, add to the pan and bring to the boil. Simmer until the squash is soft, then pour in 150-200ml double cream. Bring to the boil again and season.


Bean and Pasta

If you’re getting a bit board of the usual pasta and sauce for tea, this makes a refreshing alternative, despite still being pretty much the same thing but in soup form. Fry 1 chopped onion and 2 chopped cloves of garlic in some olive oil until soft then add 1 tin of chopped tomatoes and 500ml of vegetable stock. Add some Italian herbs, salt and pepper, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Add 1 drained tin of borlotti beans and about 150g of dried pasta and cook until the pasta is soft.

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Lentil and Bacon

Thumbnail image for Carrot and coriander soup recipe on Sainsbury's OnlineA variation on the above, this starts with the fried onion and garlic as before, but once they are soft, remove them from the pan and fry 1 packet of chopped up smoked bacon until crispy. Put the onion and garlic back in the pan along with the 1 tin of chopped tomatoes, 500ml of stock (chicken or vegetable) and some herbs (our Morrisons promotional codes and Sainsburys promotional codes can help you out with the cost). Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes before adding a couple of handfuls of dried red lentils. Simmer until the lentils are tender.


So you see, soups don’t have to be complicated! And with the help of our Waitrose discount codes, Sainsburys discount codes and Morrisons discount codes, they don’t have to be pricey either.



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