Get Into Gear for National Novel Writing Month

Posted on 01 Nov 2016 by Anna Scott
Writers, aspiring or otherwise, will probably know that the beginning of November marks the start of the official National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo for short). This isn’t just a suggestion that you might want to get on and write that book you’ve been thinking about for several years, but also an online community to give you that extra bit of motivation. Of course, the aim isn’t really to write a complete novel in just once month, but rather help you plan a daily count so you can aim for 50k words but the end of November, so the start of a first draft that you can then continue to work on.

So if you’re planning on participating this year, here are a few ways to boost your motivation and word count to help you achieve that goal…

Inspiration and Guidance

On Writing by Stephen KingIn addition to using the National Novel Writing Month site for help and guidance, why not compliment your efforts with a bit of motivational reading too? Some people find reading their favourite novels helps the process, some prefer to avoid distractions. If you’d rather opt for some non-fiction whilst working on your fictional masterpiece, a good autobiography is a safe bet, especially if it’s by someone who’s had success in the writing field. WH Smith discount codes are offering up to 70% off selected titles, or you can use their special code for today only that saves you £5 when you spend £25 or more. A top recommendation is On Writing by Stephen King which doubles up as memoir AND writing guide – perhaps the perfect read for National Novel Writing Month.

If you’d prefer some lighter but no less informative reading, a subscription to a writing magazine might be the answer. iSubscribe promo codes can save you up to 93% off a huge selection of titles including the quintessential writing magazine, the succinctly-titled Writing Magazine, getting you 12 issues for just £39 (23% off RRP).



Clear Workspace = Clear Mind

As much as you long to find the time to write, you might find also find yourself looking for many different distractions to avoid getting those words down. Once answer is to clear your desk of ALL the mess. Spend an hour or so making your work space as minimalist as possible, put everything else on the back burner, open up that blank Word document and start typing.



Arm Yourself With Materials

Moleskine NotebookThere are two ways you can work this one – stock up on stationary beforehand so you’ve got everything there for as and when you need it, or use it as a motivational tool by promising yourself a reward of some nice items once you’ve hit the first 10k, or at the halfway mark. Because everyone loves a nice bit of stationary, especially writers. Bureau Direct promotional codes are currently offering a 10% discount when you spend £25 or more, and let’s face it, it’s going to be incredibly easy to spend that much on fancy notepads. Especially when they stock Moleskine ones. But don’t spend too long choosing – you do have writing to be getting on with too remember.


It’s not too late to sign up for NaNoWriMo if you want to give it a go, and even if you don’t manage to hit your targets, some words at the end of the month is better than no words at the end of the month, right?


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