Vote for Girls Out Loud and Help them Guide Young Girls Towards a Brighter Future

Posted on 25 Aug 2021 by Amy Jackson

Who are Girls Out Loud?

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Girls out loud is a non-profit organisation,  dedicated to empower teenage girls to lead, learn and thrive. Across the UK girls are being empowered to find their voice, and to believe in themselves so they can see long lasting success and find real aspirations for a bright future. On a day to day, girls are being pressured by the media, premature sexualisation and celebrity culture, and Girls out loud allows girls to find their inner initiative and make the right choices so they can be truly happy, harm fee and confident. Being in Midst of a Mental health crisis right now, young girls need direction now and Girls out Loud are working every day to help them through these confusing and intimidating years.


What do Girls out Loud Do to Help Teenage Girls?


Girls Out Loud run a wide range of different programmes for young girls so they can expand their horizons of career paths to take, to expand the skills needed for said career path and more.

They have a specific programme for this called Sister act which joins together the knowledge and experience of delivering intervention programmes for over 10 years so girls can have role models from the real world to inspire them to step up and never settle for less than they deserve. From this both mentors and mentees benefit and gain a vast range of skills such as creative thinking, taking ownership, problem solving and more.

Their Big Sister Mentoring Programme focuses on girls who are in the middle of their teenage years, and are exposed to poor body image, relational aggression and more who feel like they cannot find their place in school. As these girls are at risk of getting validation in the wrong places or just simply hiding in the corner, with provided guidance they will be able to step up and shine. This Programme has increased the girls confidence by 100%, and over 90% of them feel like they can be successful in further education.

Rocket fuel for Aspirations is another event Girls out loud hosts for these teenagers which is a fast paced event which lasts 2 hours, where girls can meet real life role models and listen to their journeys, interact and get inspired by the mentoring format that is available.

For girls at risk, there is a programme called Stardom available which is a preventive programme which uses selected tools and mindfulness practices to help these young women get out of crisis situations and get back on track. Within this, intensive 12 weeks programmes and 1-2-1 as well as group sessions are held so they can begin to feel a part of something empowering.


How Can You Help Girls Out Loud Make a Difference?

So Girls Out Loud Can continue having a positive impact on young girls’ lives, you can get involved in a couple of ways. If you have a couple of minutes right now, we encourage you to cast your vote for the organisation in the September Charity poll, and if you have got a few pennies extra, you also have an option to donate to the programme. £26 will pay for a girl to be able to attend a 2 hour Super 7 Workshop which is a fantastic start to their brighter futures. You also have the option to volunteer or fundraise for them if you have got a couple of extra hours a month which you’d like to put to good use, and if you are ready to commit to the cause even more, why not take part in the patron programme?

For more information on the Non-profit organisation, their work and ways you can support them, head over to their website:

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