7 Things Every Organised Christmas Shopper Secretly Does

Posted on 17 Nov 2016 by Anna Scott
With all the best intentions in the world, many of us still leave most of our Christmas shopping to the last minute, and let’s face it, this option has very little going for it. Firstly, there’s the chance that everything you intended to buy for your nearest and dearest will be sold out, secondly there’s the crowds and all the stress that comes with them. And lastly, well, it’s not a huge amount of fun, is it?

So let’s take a few tips from some organised early Christmas shoppers this year, although you might not want to go to some of these extremes…


Make Lists. Lots of Lists

As every organised person knows, there is no greater feeling in the world than crossing an item of a to-do list, and even if you know deep down that you’re probably not going to manage to get everything done on a list, there’s still a certain degree of joy garnered from making them in the first place. Organised Christmas shoppers can make many lists – who they have to buy for, what they’re buying, how much they can spend on each present, when they have to buy each one by….and this obsession with lists can lead on to…



One of those extremes we mentioned earlier. But if you want to be SUPER organised, then it’s something you should consider. In secret. Or everyone will think you’re a bit odd.


Dream About Gift Wrapping

With all the Christmas present issues out of the way early, this leaves many organised Christmas shoppers with a lot more time to spend thinking about perfecting their Christmas wrapping as well as a bit more money to buy it with. They might even go as far as creating a special Christmas wrapping cupboard or station in their home. One of the many advantages of this method means avoiding the usual panic buying at the pound store checkout and going for something altogether more classy. Paperchase promo codes have 3 for the price of 2 on a large selection of stylish Christmas wrapping options right now, so what better way to kick of a classier Christmas and cement your reputation as a wrapping extraordinaire?


Get Excited About the Small Stuff

When the big presents are done and dusted, organised Christmas shoppers have so much more time to spend on not just wrapping but also those stocking fillers. These are often the things we give the least thought to, but they’re the first things kids open up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning and deserve a bit more attention. You can use Hawkins Bazaar discount codes to order stocking fillers galore with an offer that gets you 10 items for £20 as well as Secret Santa presents from 75p.


Hoard Catalogues

In the olden days, the release of the Boots and Argos Christmas catalogues were cause for celebration and an essential tool in any pre-Christmas planning, but these days it’s all done online of course. However, we suspect any truely organised Christmas shopper hasn’t let go of their catalogue habit.


Clear a Space in the Loft

…Or shed, or garage. Basically anywhere you can store those early purchases without suspicion. Every early Christmas shopper isn’t just organised when it comes to ticking those presents of the list – they are more than likely to have organised homes too. But if you’re lacking in effective storage space then use our Matalan discount vouchers to get £20 off when you spend £150 or more and invest in a stylish ottoman that no one will suspect is jam packed full of pressies.


Be Smug

There’s no getting around it. Organised Christmas shoppers are going to be smug about their achievements, and they’re quite right to be. While the rest of us are fighting over the last Furby in the toy aisle, they’ll be putting their feet up with a Christmas tipple and toasting their ability to think ahead.

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