3 Ways to Celebrate World Animal Day

Posted on 04 Oct 2016 by Anna Scott
You might be wondering what World Animal Day is all about. After all, we love our animals all year-round, right? Well, World Animal Day was set up to raise awareness of a large number of animal issues across the globe designed to raise the status of animals in the hope that people will participate through events and workshops that can improve animal welfare. But don’t worry if you don’t have anything going on near you today – you can celebrate right here in a few different ways…


Help a Charitable Cause

Dog door matOf course, the obvious way to is to give money to an animal charity, and we’re all for that, but if you have any gifts that need purchasing, why not take the opportunity to order them through a site affiliated to one of the UK’s leading animal charities? Dogalogue promo codes can save you money with this online store that was set up by Guide Dogs (previously known as Guide Dogs for the Blind) and they sell a wide variety of products, from home and garden items, stationary, dog treats and accessories to a fine Christmas range if you wanted to get started on that preparation early. And when you use Dogalogue promo codes, not only will part of your sale go towards helping to train guide dogs, but you can also enjoy 10% off your purchases.


Help London Zoo Continue its Good Work

Penguins at London ZooYou might think London Zoo is merely a famous visitor attraction, but behind the scenes it is so much more than this. London Zoo is run by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), an international charity which promotes and works towards the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats. As well as their two UK zoos (London and Whipsnade), they also operate conservation projects in more than 50 countries across the globe. If you live in the capital or nearby and like to visit London Zoo on a regular basis, London Zoo discount codes can provide you with an option that can let you provide regular financial assistance to ZSL as well as save you money – using London Zoo discount codes, you become a ZSL member which gives you discounted entry to both London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo as well as contributing towards the work of this great animal charity.


Treat Your Pet

Pure Pet FoodAlthough World Animal Day is very much about increasing the welfare of animals in the wild, it might also encourage you to take a closer look at the nutrition of animals a bit closer to home. There is an increasing amount of pet food specialists now making their products available online and they very much focus on quality foods with a higher meat content. Although cheaper pet foods are attractive in terms of price, your animal’s health can benefit enormously if you buy them better quality foods with a greater nutritional content, much like your own health would. Online savings like Pure Pet Food promotional codes can save you money on specialist products, rewarding your pet as well as your bank balance.


So this World Animal Day, you can explore many different avenues when looking to improve animal welfare, and you can even start on your own doorstep.


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