Celebrate British Food Fortnight with promo codes from Campbells Meat, Pong Cheese and Hello Fresh

Posted on 24 Sep 2015 by Anna Scott
We’re very nearly slap bang in the middle of British Food Fortnight and what better way to celebrate than to save with some Campbells Meat promo codes, Pong Cheese promo codes and Hello Fresh promo codes, three ways to help you buy the best of British and consume it in the most satisfying way possible. Whether it’s raw ingredients you’re after to help you get creative in the kitchen, indulgent treats, or pre-prepared packages highlighting the very best in British food and suppliers, if you love your local food, then you’ll love these savings…


Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steak Special TrimIf there’s one thing this country is famous for it’s the quality of our meat, but unfortunately, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find the best cuts in your local supermarkets. If you’ve haven’t got a trusted local butcher, consider using our Campbells Meat discount codes. Founded in Edinburgh over 100 years ago, Campbells Meat quickly became famous for their haggis recipe, but these days they specialise in bring the finest quality cuts of British meat, poultry, fish and shellfish direct to your door. Buying in bulk and stocking up in your freezer can prove much better value in the long run, but with current Campbells Meat promo codes, you can also enjoy an extra 10% off your order when you spend £30 or more.



Gorwydd CaerphillyAnother thing we do rather well in the UK is cheese, and we’re not just talking the eating of it. Pong Cheese discount codes really are the very best way to get your hands on pretty much any type of cheese you desire, whether it be blue, smoked, soft or even vegetarian. You can go to the Pong Cheese site and search by type of cheese, then narrow it down to the particular country you’re after (a British one in this case), and they’ve even got an entire page devoted to Welsh cheese, including plenty of Caerphilly to get your teeth into. But don’t forget to go to our Pong Cheese promo codes page first to claim a very handy 15% off your order!



Classic BoxAs much as we’d like to create gourmet wonders from scratch, most days this isn’t possible because we just don’t have the time to pay a visit to the supermarket every single day. However, you might find the solution to your culinary struggles on our Hello Fresh discount codes page. If you haven’t heard of Hello Fresh before, they’re a company that specialises in putting together boxes containing all the ingredients and recipes you might need for your weekly meals, be it super-quick weekday preparations or more intricate weekend fare. With our current Hello Fresh promo codes, you can enjoy a £15 discount on your order throughout September, so take advantage of this fabulous service for those of you who are pushed for time, or complete kitchen novices.


Hopefully these Campbells Meat discount codes, Pong Cheese discount codes and Hello Fresh discount codes will give you a great excuse to get in that kitchen and get creating (and eating) this British Food Fortnight!















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