Celebrate International Bacon Day with the Very Best Ways to Enjoy Bacon

Posted on 03 Sep 2016 by Anna Scott
Yes, today is International Bacon Day, and the internet may be awash with ‘interesting’ bacon recipe combinations, but we think the classics are the best – those recipes and dishes where bacon isn’t just a suggestion, it’s a full-on necessity. So for those of you who rather leave all the bacon and chocolate cupcake recipes to one side, here are a few classic tips to whet your appetite and remind you exactly how good bacon can be when used correctly…


The Humble Bacon Sandwich

Bacon sandwichWell, what else could we start with? Everyone’s favourite hangover cure never gets old and with very good reason, but instead of a BLT or a new-fangled bacon sandwich suggestion, we’re going to opt for keeping it simple and this means thick slices of fresh white bread for starters. Something with a good crust is ideal, but by no means obligatory – the beauty of the bacon sandwich is that it works just as well with bog-standard sliced white as well. Lots of butter too, of course, and by butter, we mean proper butter, none of this low-fat spread nonsense. When it comes to type of bacon, we’re not going to turn down top-quality cuts, but 3-4 rashers of smoked back bacon from the supermarket will do very nicely thank you very much. And now for the controversial bit – we’re going with a healthy dollop of tomato ketchup as a condiment of choice. Brown sauce lovers can do what they think is best.


In Fried Rice

Using up leftover rice can be a bit of a pain due to the risks involved when you don’t ensure that it’s fully heated through, but one sure fire way of cooking it is by putting together some tasty fried rice. (and fully heating it through, obviously). There is a good chance that you’ll have most of the required ingredients in your fridge, freezer or store cupboard at any one time – peas, sweetcorn, spring onions, egg and yes, you’ve guessed it, bacon. Just dice it into small pieces and fry with everything else before you add the rice, making sure it’s nice and crispy.


With Pancakes and Syrup

Bacon with pancakesIf you’re unsure about those bacon cupcakes (and who can blame you), then having pancakes the American way is the perfect introduction to that salt and sweet combination. Either make your own mini-pancakes or drop scones (exactly the same as you would for normal pancakes but with a thicker batter that you can spoon into the pan), or buy them from your local supermarket and serve with the crispiest of crispy bacon and a generous serving of maple syrup.


With Brussel Sprouts

Now this one is a complete game changer and if you think you don’t like sprouts then read on because after cooking them with bacon you will consider yourself a sprout convert. Boil up your brussels as you would normally (but don’t overcook them because this will do the sprouts a disservice) then toss them in some small bits of crispy fried bacon. It’s that simple.


In Caesar Salad

Again with the tiny bits of crispy bacon, but we think it’s worth reiterating the point that this is an essential part of any Caesar Salad, whatever your chosen method of preparation. Ok, so you can choose to buy the pre-prepared crispy bacon bits from the supermarket, but it will taste SO much better if you cook your own.


With Eggs

Bacon and eggsWell, obviously. Bacon and eggs is a classic combination, after all, and we couldn’t put together a blog post about bacon without mentioning this culinary marriage. Fried, scrambled, poached – however you like your eggs done, just make sure you have a rasher or two on the side to balance it all out.





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