Types of Gambling Bonuses That Our Discount Hunters Will Love

Posted on 28 Apr 2023 by Julian House
Regardless of who you are, there is one thing that everyone loves: a significant discount or bonus for doing almost nothing at all. Thankfully, in the current day and age, finding the best bargain, promo code or bonus is simple—and there are many to be found.

Some of the best bonuses are those offered to punters looking to gamble online. Checking CasinoSource reviews and all the best offers on sites like this is the best way to score some extra quid’s worth of value.

But with so many gambling bonuses available from all the online casinos out there, it may be a bit challenging to discern which is best. Fret not, as we’ve found the best types of bonuses that any active discount hunter will love.


Welcome Bonuses

The not-so-humble welcome bonus is easily the cream of the crop when it comes to gambling bonuses. These incentives attract new players to online casinos and are only offered to players registering a player account for the first time. 

Usually, they combine various other casino bonuses such as free spins, deposit matches and free play. Because of this, these are easily the most sought-after types of bonuses offered by online casinos.


Deposit Match Bonuses

This bonus is the ultimate for punters who are always on the prowl for great discounts. Not because it gives you a certain amount off, but because it returns the same amount of money that you spend back to you—free of charge.

As mentioned above, deposit match bonuses are almost always offered as part of a welcome bonus. They work straightforwardly: whatever amount you deposit, the casino matches that amount and loads the credit onto your player account. 

Bonuses can vary from a single deposit match to a 3X deposit match—meaning that the total amount of your first three deposits will be matched. As with anything good in life, however, there are some limitations to be aware of.

The two most significant limitations are that the deposit match will only be up to a specified amount and that specific wagering requirements are attached to the deposit match. While the amount is usually generous enough that you wouldn’t want it any higher, the wagering requirements can be steep. Thankfully, bonus laws and rules are in place to stop these from becoming something you can’t escape.

However, it is always wise to look closely at the wagering requirements before claiming the bonus. If you see that they are set at a level you’re unlikely to achieve, it may be best to look for a different casino with a similar bonus that offers more acceptable conditions. 


Free Spins Bonus

A free spins bonus is one of the most common types of gambling bonus, whether you’re a new online player or a regular. It is also one of the most beneficial because it generally comes with only minor strings attached. 

Essentially, these types of bonuses allow you to play slots for free. Depending on the number of free spins the bonus enables, that is how many spins (or bets) you can play without having to foot the bill.

One of the most prominent conditions of these bonuses is that you generally have to use the free spins on pre-defined slot games—not on any game that catches your eye. While this may be annoying if you are eager to try a specific slot that isn’t supported by the bonus, there are still many benefits to be gained from playing for free.


Free Play Bonus

Free play bonuses are significantly less common than other types of bonuses but hold the most appeal if you’re looking for voucher codes. They operate similarly to free spin bonuses. The difference is that they don’t limit which games you can apply the bonus to.

Instead, these types of bonuses usually specify an amount attached to the bonus (e.g., £50). This amount can be utilized on any game the online casino offers, whether that be the latest slot machine or table games like poker and baccarat. 


Multiplier Bonus

Casinos most commonly use these bonuses when launching an exciting new game that the casino is eager for people to play. As such, they are generally available for a very limited time and, like some other types of bonuses, are restricted to a specific game.

To use this bonus, you’ll need to continue gambling as you would without any bonus. However, everything you win while the bonus is active will be multiplied by the factor that the bonus dictates. For a triple multiplier bonus, this means that all your winnings will be multiplied three times when you’re ready to walk away. 


Loyalty Bonuses

Almost all online (and even physical) casinos have loyalty or VIP programs. These programs are designed to reward regular and loyal gamblers by giving something back to them for the time and money they invest into playing. 

Loyalty bonuses are usually made up of a mix of other bonuses, including free spins, deposit matches and free play. However, the distinction with these bonuses is that they often occur on a sliding scale based on your loyalty status. 

Players with a higher loyalty status (which can be achieved by playing more often and spending more) generally get better loyalty bonuses than those just starting out with the loyalty program. 

Another thing that makes these bonuses unique is that they tend to occur regularly. In contrast, other bonus types may only happen on special occasions, when you first register your account or even only on pre-defined dates. 


Referral Bonus

Sharing discounts and bonuses helps spread the joy of a great deal with others. Referral and refer-a-friend bonuses are designed to incentivize sharing news about a great new casino or game.

These bonuses require a player to refer a friend, co-worker, family member or even complete stranger to register with a casino or play a particular game. Should that person do so, the player that referred them will receive a bonus—usually in the form of free spins or free play.

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