Becoming Your Own Apprentice for Lord Sugar

Posted on 07 Nov 2016 by Julian House
Impressing Lord Alan Sugar is no easy task, and that’s been proven over 12 series of The Apprentice. The latest season has already displayed ups and downs, with a double sacking in last week’s episode.

 Who’d have thought that, business operations and marketing could be such comedy gold? This video highlights some of Sugar’s funniest moments were he capitalises on the failings of his apprentices. Although much of it is pleasant entertainment to us, what can we take from the series? We can integrate some of their tasks into our daily lives, jobs, budgeting and much more.


Spelling is Important

We recently witnessed a candidate misspell gilet. Their campaign went live online and they had the word gillet, this posed a problem as the definition means ‘loose woman’. There’s a distinctive difference between the two gilets and they in fact meant the comfortable clothing item. So be sure to top up your spelling and if it is a gilet you are after then be sure to type that correctly into Google. Alternatively you can go straight to our TK Maxx promo codes and get hold of your favourite gilet for less.



Budget Correctly

The bane for so many, and despite many of these self-professed experts, we see this being their downfall again and again. When you hear the breakdown and logistics of the different budgeting and figures, you begin to realise exactly how important it is to be accurate. This is more noticeable in the business world due to the need for profit and how much is bought in bulk, but it also transmutes into our day-to-day lives. The difference is, we can’t go into Tesco and start bartering with staff, and it just doesn’t work like that. Or does it? Not quite, but our team liase with numerous merchants and then allow you to do the easy part. Save with Tesco discount codes and start budgeting on every aspect of your life from clothing to food.



Dress Smart

If it is business knowledge, tactics and inspiration you are looking for from The Apprentice, then you might be looking for advice from this series. Have you ever heard the saying, ‘dress for the job you want’. Well this often rings true and how many times have we seen bizarre purple shirts, multi-coloured ties and cheap pinstripe suits in Lord Sugar’s boardroom? There’s such a thing as the ‘peacock theory’, the concept is to standout from the crowd, but it often gets taken over the top. You could fair better with TM Lewin promotional codes, meaning you maintain the highest quality without paying over the odds.


Don’t Crush

The video below demonstrates perfectly; why we should not let a workplace crush intervene into our professional sphere. This series was full of laughter, as Mergim didn’t hide the fact that he had butterflies every time he saw Karren Brady.


There have been many mixed reviews on this year’s edition of The Apprentice. But as we gear up for episode six, you can guarantee there will be more fireworks. Watch some of the funny moments to get you in the mood for this week’s instalment.


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