Every Birth Deserves Support: Vote Amma Birth Companions in January's Charity Poll

Posted on 15 Jan 2024 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
As the crisp January air settles, Discount Promo Codes welcomes a brand new year, not just with exciting deals and savings, but with a chance to champion a cause close to our hearts – empowering vulnerable mothers and families during childbirth. This January, we're proud to introduce Amma Birth Companions, a Glasgow-based charity dedicated to ensuring every birth, regardless of circumstance, is filled with support, dignity, and hope.

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Amma Birth Companions: Support for Pregnant Women and New Parents 

Amma operates in the shadows of Glasgow's bustling streets, where countless pregnant women and new parents face the daunting realities of poverty, isolation, and complex social barriers. For these individuals, the joy of welcoming new life can be shrouded in fear and uncertainty. This is where Amma steps in, not just as a beacon of light, but as a steadfast companion on the journey through pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood.


Trained Birth Companions for Support Every Step of the Way

Their trained volunteers, known as birth companions, are more than just doulas. They are guardians of vulnerable moments, offering non-medical support, guidance, and unwavering advocacy. Through their presence, anxieties lessen, fears fade, and the birthing experience transforms from a solitary struggle to a shared journey of empowered confidence.

Research backs the magic of Amma's touch. Studies consistently show that with a doula by their side, women experience shorter labors, fewer interventions, and higher breastfeeding rates. But the benefits extend far beyond statistics. Amma fosters cultural competency and trauma-informed care, creating a safe space where every story is heard, every fear respected, and every birth celebrated.


Antenatal Classes and Peer Support Groups

Amma's impact transcends the birthing room. They nurture a community of resilience through vital antenatal education classes and peer support groups, combatting social isolation and empowering mothers to navigate the challenges of early parenthood with newfound confidence.


Help Amma Birth Companions Win a Donation Today

This January, Discount Promo Codes offers you, our community, the opportunity to be the wind beneath Amma's wings. Every vote cast for Amma in our monthly charity poll translates to 20% of our January profits directly supporting their invaluable work. Imagine the potential – more trained birth companions, expanded services, and countless families empowered to face childbirth with dignity and strength.

Voting is simple – head to the charity poll in the right hand side bar and cast your vote for Amma Birth Companions. Remember, with each click, you don't just choose a charity; you choose to stand with mothers, fathers, and families whose voices might otherwise go unheard. You choose to champion hope, resilience, and the innate right to a birth filled with dignity and support.

Let's make this January not just a month of deals, but a month of profound impact. Vote Amma Birth Companions, and together, let's ensure every mother's journey to motherhood is one of empowerment, joy, and unwavering support.

Join us in creating a world where every birth, regardless of circumstance, is a celebration of life and hope.

Vote Amma. Vote for support. Vote for a brighter future.

Additional Resources:

● Amma Birth Companions website: https://ammabirthcompanions.org/

● Amma Birth Companions Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ammabirth/

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