How to Pick the Best Dog-Friendly Holiday

Posted on 06 Apr 2018 by Anna Scott
If you’re a dog owner planning on holidaying in the UK this year, you might think finding accommodation for you and your furry family member will be a relatively simple process. There are loads of pet-friendly cottages and hotels, right? Of course there are. But finding the right one for you and your dog requires a bit more care and attention - there’s a big difference between somewhere that is openly dog-friendly and somewhere that will merely tolerate a canine presence. So here are a few things you should be looking into before you confirm that holiday booking…


Is the Space Suitable for Your Dog?

It’s all very well advertising as ‘dog-friendly’ but is this actually the case? The owner of a holiday cottage may be happy to list their property in this category, but depending on the size, breed and temperament of your dog, the actual house may not be suitable at all. Sykes Cottages have a useful dog-friendly page you can browse, but once you see a listing that takes your fancy, do as much research as possible. Do they have cream carpets? Are dogs allowed upstairs? Is the garden suitable for your dog to wander around in? As well as checking out the online info and photos, message the owner with any questions you might have about this before you book.


dog in garden


What’s Going on in the Local Area?

Have a think about what you’re going to get up to while you’re away. When you’ve got a dog to consider, going with the flow isn’t really an option. Are there lots of dog-friendly eateries nearby? If your dog doesn’t like crowds, maybe avoid areas where the local beaches are tourist traps. What’s the landscape like? If your dog is used to being off the lead when out on a walk, check whether there are nearby cliff edges or other hazards.


dog walking on beach


What Other Pet Services Does Your Hotel Offer?

If you fancy a bit more pampering, thankfully there are also lots of pet-friendly hotels as well as cottages to choose from. But again, you need to consider how you will be spending your time. Are dogs welcome in all areas of the hotel such as restaurants? And if not, which communal areas can pet owners relax in? Do they also offer a pet-sitting service if you want to go dog-free for an afternoon or evening? Best Western Hotels now offer plenty of pet-friendly options and you can call to discuss your specific requirements with them.


dog in hotel bed


Be Prepared

Once you’ve picked the perfect pet-friendly accommodation for you and your pooch, the next thing you have to do is make sure you’re fully prepared for all eventualities. Take all their familiar items with you so they won’t feel too out of sorts once they get there (dog bed, bowl, treats etc). Get all the contact details for a local vet just in case they have an accident or fall ill. And make sure all their electronic tagging info is up to date if they decide to have a wander in unfamiliar surrounds.


Dog in basket


The perfect dog-friendly holiday means your pet gets as much of a fun break as you do. So, just make sure you find the right relaxed surroundings for ALL members of the family and you’ll be bound to come back again next year too!

If you're unable to find a dog friendly holiday, Brittnay from The Travelling Housesitters offers the following advice: "We are all about animals having a lovely holiday with you! However, sometimes it just isn't possible to bring them (i.e. when going on an overseas holiday). We think that house sitting is a perfect alternative for these situations.

"Your pet is able to stay comfortable in its familiar routine, as well as receive lots of love and attention! We provide a free service so this can also help with the cost of boarding animals (which can be a hard experience for some)." Whichever option you choose, making sure your dog is happy and comfortable is the most important thing.

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