How Your Vote for Rainy Day Trust can Help Provide Financial Assistance to People In Need

Posted on 11 Mar 2024 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Rainy Day Trust are one of the amazing charities taking part in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll this March. They provide financial support for people who have worked in the home improvement industry during their times of need. Whether they need help paying the bills or are struggling to get back into work and need funds for work training. Find out all about Rainy Day Trust below, and see how you can help them this March.

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What Does Rainy Day Trust Do?

The Rainy Day Trust is a UK charity which provides support for people who have worked in the home improvement and enhancement industry. This includes people who have worked in the manufacture, retail, wholesale and distribution of builders’ merchants, housewares, DIY, potteries, glass or those who have worked in garden centres. They also support tradesmen and apprentices such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters.

Their eligibility criteria is simply that the person has less than £10,000 of savings and that they are on a low income.

Their support spans across several areas, from small grants to cover immediate costs for those who are struggling financially to work training to help people achieve the qualifications they need. Some of the help they provide includes:

Grants and Financial Support: these can help with one-off expenses such as repairs for appliances, home repairs, travel expenses or training for a new job.

Apprenticeship Support: Rainy Day Trust regularly helps apprentices with regular living costs, transport costs, funds for purchasing equipment, and extra training grants

Fuel Poverty Help: they help people who are unable to pay their energy bills through helping install energy efficient boilers and heating systems, grants to help with bills and utilities, grants for heating oil in the summer when prices are lower.

Legal Expenses: Rainy Day Trust can provide legal advice and funds to help with legal issues such as queries about wills, land boundaries or other potentially costly legal issues.

Telephone Counselling: They offer a programme of 5, 30 minute counselling sessions over the phone, where those struggling with stress or anxiety can get the emotional support they need.

Training and Skills: They offer a series of modules delivered through e-learning to help people looking for work. Some of the modules include computer skills, CV writing and specialist training modules such as project management.


How Can I Support Rainy Day Trust?

You can support Rainy Day Trust this March by helping them win the Discount Promo Codes charity poll! Visit our Homepage now and cast your vote to help people in need access financial assistance. You can also visit their Support Us page on their website.


So, if Rainy Day Trust has your vote, support them today and help people who have worked in the home improvement industry and are in need of support.

You can vote in our March poll between 1st March 2024 and 31st March 2024.

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