The Lazy Person’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

Posted on 23 Mar 2018 by Anna Scott
With the longer days comes the realisation that there really is quite a lot of dust floating about your living room and that the bath tub could do with a really good scrub. It’s not that us lazy people HATE cleaning, it’s just that…no, we really do hate cleaning. And yet it has to be done and this is the perfect time of year for a deep clean of your home. But surely there are a few short cuts?


Cleaning utensils


Preventative Measures

Just doing a few tiny things can save you heaps of time in the long run. Here are our favourite spring cleaning prep ideas that can cut down on that scrubbing…

Overnight Oven Cleaner – For just a few pounds extra, you can buy oven cleaning kits that let you leave the solution on overnight, so you can wipe away the residue in the morning. Coating the inside of your oven and soaking the trays and racks takes a matter of minutes and then all you have to so is rinse and wipe the next morning, leaving a sparking oven in your wake.

Soaking the Toilet – Got some stubborn stains or limescale on the inside of your toilet bowl that won’t shift? Pour a can of coke own there and leave to soak for an hour before flushing. This can loosen any stains, making the actual cleaning of the toilet that much easier. And if you want to be more environmentally friendly, use white vinegar to scrub it instead of toilet cleaner.


Top to Bottom

That very phrase just sounds like hard work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have a messy room that needs a lot of tidying and cleaning, the whole logistics of the task can be overwhelming and you’re much more likely to give up part of the way through. Stick to a strict top to bottom rule by starting with the ceiling and working your way down. You’ll not only be much less likely to call it quits, but you will also end up with a cleaner room in record time. Here are a few tools that can help you in your quest…

Dusting Mitts – Makes cleaning your blinds, shelves and paraphernalia a lot easier and you can stick them in the washing machine when you’re done.

Extendable Dusters – Essential if you find yourself reluctant to clamber up on the arm of your sofa to reach those nooks and crannies. But if you want a more effective clean, get one that’s made from material that actually picks up dust rather than moves it around. This means ostrich feathers, wool or a decent quality micro-fibre. As you would expect, Robert Dyas stocks lots of different duster options to help you banish those cobwebs.


extendable duster


Practical Storage

Now, this is going to sound incredibly lazy but that is the point of the post, after all. Sometimes the thing that stops us from cleaning is the mere fact that our cleaning materials are in another room somewhere in the house. See, we told you it was lazy. BUT, there is a solution, or rather two solutions…

Everything in One Place – Buy a roomy container with a handle and keep every cleaning material and utensil in it. This means you can carry them all from room to room with ease, making it much more likely you’ll clean them all eventually.

Double Up – Alternatively, make sure you have a least a cloth and some cleaning spray to hand in each room that requires it, especially if you have more than one bathroom. This means you can easily wipe up any mess as and when you see it.


Some Big Changes

Occasionally easier cleaning requires a bit of investment. This means spending a more, but you will thank yourself in the long run…

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners – Sometimes the thought of lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner is enough to put us off the hoovering. Ok, a lot of the time. But buying a cordless vacuum cleaner could change all of that. There’s easy to move around the house and you can just whip them out of it someone’s made a mess on the carpet.

Steam Cleaners – As well as being more environmentally friendly than using detergents, these can take the hard work out of keeping your surfaces clean. But if you don’t have the room for a larger upright steam cleaner, you can buy handheld versions that are great for keeping your bathroom tiles and grout clean. Argos is a good online source for both these types of products, with cordless vacs for under £100 and handheld steam cleaners for under £50.


If you’re not a fan of housework, then there’s not too much that’s going to convert you. But making a few changes around your home can certainly make those spring cleaning tasks seem much less daunting and much more doable.

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