How Your Vote For Berkshire Community Foundation Can Help Berkshire’s Most Vulnerable This Winter

Posted on 11 Sep 2023 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Berkshire Community Foundation (BCF) is one of our amazing charities taking part in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll this September. They support local charities and community groups with funding and other support to help them in their work, supporting the most disadvantaged in the community. 

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Who are Berkshire Community Foundation?

Berkshire Community Foundation (BCF) specialise in supporting community-based organisations focused on helping disadvantaged Berkshire. In 2022-23 they supported 229 community projects and awarded over £1million in grants which supported 156,000 people. The donations they receive from generous Berkshire business and supporters stays in Berkshire helping the local community including: 

  • Elderly residents, helping them to keep warm in winter, and stay happy, healthy and active 

  • People who have terminal or chronic illnesses as well as those who care for them 

  • People who have mental and/or physical disabilities

  • Young people and children 

  • Ethnic minority communities

  • NEET individuals (those not in education, work or work training) 

  • People who are homeless or vulnerable to becoming homeless

  • People struggling with addiction and their loved ones 

They target support to ensure it goes to the people and places that need it most.


How to Get Involved with Berkshire Community Foundation

This September Berkshire Community Foundation will launch their Surviving Winter Appeal, aimed at helping local Berkshire charities and voluntary groups that are currently experiencing financial challenges during these uncertain times. 

This winter, there will be a significant amount of vulnerable people all over Berkshire who will be negatively impacted by the rising cost of food, fuel and general living expenses. For many people, and particularly those who are older and more vulnerable, the choice between heating their homes or eating is becoming a reality. People and families who are on low income, have medical conditions, are older or who are disabled are more likely to experience this hardship and it is becoming more and more prevalent.

Because of this, more people need the help of local charities and groups for everything from accessing daily essentials to needing support for their health, mental health and overall wellbeing. However, due to rising costs for the organisations themselves, many groups and charities are struggling to provide support for people in need and are facing the possibility of not being able to continue their work at all. 

Many charities have shared the impact of receiving funding from Berkshire Community Foundations ‘Surviving Winter’ Campaign, here are just a two from their 2022 campaign;

 ‘Thank you for the grant - it really made a difference. We spent the funding on purchasing hot meals for the attendees of the Lambourn Lunch Club, we now have between 15 and 20 people attending. The lunch club is really making a difference, people who cannot afford to eat a hot meal are receiving one, people who are lonely are meeting other people, people with mental challenges are being integrated into society. Our really proud moment is when, through the lunch club, a middle aged man who was sleeping rough for a long time was found accommodation. It has transformed his life.’ – Lambourn Lunch Club

The grant has ensured that we could continue to provide a warm, homely and comfortable environment for 22 families over the Winter period. It’s imperative when families flee to our refuges in crisis, that they live in comfort and feel safe and supported. The funding has ensured that we've not had to worry about limiting heat, light, use of electricity or gas over the Winter period for our residents which could potentially add to their anxieties and standard of living. If families live in a comfortable environment, they are more likely to engage with our support and remain in refuge until they have a full onward resettlement plan in place. No family left unexpectedly during this time and 6 families were safety resettled into safe and appropriate onward accommodation, having fully completed their personal support package. One resident said 'My stay in refuge has taught me to believe in myself and that there is nothing I cannot achieve. I feel more confident now than I have ever felt in my life before. I could never repay the support I was given and for that I am truly grateful' ‘– The Dash Charity


How to get in contact with BCF

If you want to get in touch with the Berkshire Community Foundation or learn more about the vital work they support visit the BCF Website. You can also email them at [email protected].

Follow Berkshire Community Foundation on FacebookX ( and Instagram.


How can YOU support BCF

If you would like to support the most vulnerable this winter, please vote for Berkshire Community Foundation on Discount Promo Codes Homepage. You will find the poll on the right hand side, or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices. 


The money donated will enable the community foundation to target small local charities and voluntary groups who work tirelessly to ensure the most vulnerable citizens receive the support they need. Although you don't need to use vouchers in order to vote, don't forget that any vouchers you do use will add to the donation made to the winning charity!

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