Why You Should Shop Online for Black Friday

Posted on 23 Nov 2016 by Julian House
The UK spent over £1bn on Black Friday last year and the tradition is still growing. More retailers are displaying offers and marketing them too, but who will actually venture outside for many of these deals?

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There will no doubt be a contingence of bargain shoppers roaming around shopping centres this Friday, but there are many ways to save on Black Friday without leaving your home, and without it even being Friday!


What’s Different This Black Friday?

There have been a few minor alterations, yet they are rather significant too. Black Friday was a tradition welcomed by British merchants in 2011, but it was last year when the public really celebrated its arrival. There was complete mayhem in some of the supermarkets and big stores as the news gladly highlighted. Since then, there has been a call for a change, but don’t worry most of it’s for your benefit. Many companies have vowed to stock more than one item for each deal, last year people were fighting over one-off sale items but rather than one 50 inch television being fought over, you can now fight over multiple versions of it. Also, stores are extending the date to the whole weekend with Cyber Monday then following on from Black Friday. You’ll also be able to get your hands on multiple savings from today with the likes of our Amazon promo codes saving you 50% on selected tablets.


Why You Should Shop Online

Black Friday isn’t solely for physically shopping, Amazon hosted over 7000 different sales online and so were other companies such as Currys and Argos. We reveal some of the reasons that shopping online is beneficial during Black Friday.


Avoiding the Crowds

Avoiding the crowd is a big reason to stay at home this year. After seeing the reaction over some of the televisions in 2015, some feel its safer and a lot less hassle. Although the news may have shown the very worst and we all know people who did queue for hours without any problems, but it’s still great to avoid the hectic stores and save nonetheless.


Miss the Queue

Some of the extensive queues were crazy, they’d go all the way out the door! For the type of person who’s too impatient to wait around in queues, then why not simply find your offer and add it to your online checkout. It makes things so much easier!


No Camping

Some enthusiastic deal hunters camp out from early in the morning or over night, just to be the first in the store. This crazy phenomenon seems to be encouraging everybody to go one step further. This can still be done online and many night owls are staying up as Black Friday begins to see what items will be first up. It’s far easier than waiting out in the cold amongst strangers.


Save from Today

Some deals are already available to take advantage of right away, with Currys voucher codes showcasing their promotions on Samsung TV’s with up to £200 off. So why wait until this Friday? There are numerous deals on travel, technology, toys and more. Follow our codes and all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions and savings that have been uploaded, you’ll stay ahead of the game by using our team’s expertise to unravel the latest gems.


Compare Prices

It’s far easier to compare prices and sale deals from the Internet, but this is a tactic that should be applied by everyone. If you are going to shop in-store be sure to check out rival promotions and how much you are actually saving. It’s okay seeing that £200 has been taken off the original price but is there a similar item for less without the sales.


Ensure that you make the most of this shopping day, there are endless options to save and you will be able to enjoy this event from now and up until Cyber Monday on 28th November. It’s perfect timing to start arranging your Christmas presents nice and early. Get gifts from Hawkins Bazaar today and get a drone for half price. There are so many toys and gadgets available at their website, when you enter our Hawkins Bazaar discount codes.

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