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Posted on 01 Dec 2021 by Amy Jackson
The Sussex Beacon is dedicated to providing hospital care and community support services for people living with HIV in Sussex. The charity’s main aim is to provide support for the most vulnerable in our community, so they can live well with HIV. Whether individuals are at the recovery stage after their medical treatments, getting help with new medication or seeking mental health support, the services work together to address the psychological, physical, and social impact living with HIV has.


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What Services Do The Sussex Beacon Provide for those with HIV?

 They have a 10 bed Hospital that provides treatment and rehabilitation for a range of HIV associated conditions like substance abuse detox, HIV associated dementia as well as secondary cancer. They have a nursing and care team on board who provide occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and end of life care.

Their community support services empower and support people to manage their own health, build resilience and reduce isolation. This is done through a variety of services:

Peer Mentoring which takes place either on 1:1 or group basis and involves people with similar experiences supporting each other to make a positive difference in their wellbeing.

A women only support group as well as groups and case work for family members and fathers living with HIV all aimed at improving confidence through advice, peer support and reducing social isolation and stigma.

The Sussex Beacon provides mindfulness courses and wellbeing workshops so individuals can learn how to manage low mood and chronic pain. They also run a positive fitness class with regular health talks and advice about diet and nutrition to address the challenges of aging with HIV or side effects from medication.

Last but not least, their Day Service offers peer support and one to one casework for men living with HIV with a focus on improving mental health, ageing with HIV, building support networks, and providing information about health issues.

Their casework is flexible, and they always personalise to individual needs, often offering additional support with poor housing, finance management, immigration and employment. They work in close partnership with other healthcare providers, clinics and patients themselves to make sure that their services remain relevant to the changing needs of people living with HIV.

To find out more about the charity and their work, visit their website:

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