Vote for The Littlest Lives Rescue this December and Help Rescue and Rehome Rabbits in Need

Posted on 16 Dec 2022 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
The Discount Promo Codes December poll gives you the opportunity to help rescue bunnies and find their forever homes with The Littlest Lives Rescue. This small local charity takes in rabbits from all over Bristol, rescuing them, rehabilitating them and matching them with their new family. Find out more about this wonderful charity below and see how your vote in our poll can give a lot of little bunnies a very merry Christmas. 


What Is The Littest Lives Rescue? 


The Littlest Lives Rescue are a rabbit rescue and rehoming charity located in North Bristol. They are entirely self-funded, with just a small team of volunteers who provide rescue, care, fostering, rehoming, fundraising and more for bunnies in need. Their main rescue takes in several bunnies for rehoming, and they have foster homes throughout Bristol which allows them to care for even more rescue rabbits. 

The ease of buying rabbits and other small animals in the UK,as well as increased demand for pets during Covid, has meant that oftentimes people buy these animals without knowing how to properly care for them. This has led to more and more rabbits living in unsuitable homes, being surrendered to rescue centres and needing to be rescued from poor living conditions. In fact, over 67,000 rabbits every year end up in rescue centres. On top of the rise of rapid rabbit rehoming during Covid, the subsequent lifting of lockdown and return to ‘normal’ meant that over the past couple of years more pet rabbits have had to be surrendered to shelters as people have limited time available now. 

Because of this, rescues like The Littlest Lives Rescue have been caring for more and more rabbits, with over 60 currently in their care. 


How Does The Littest Lives Rescue Help Rabbits?


The Littlest Lives Rescue helps rabbits in a number of ways, including rescuing and rehoming. Here are some of the key things that this small rescue does in order to help all bunnies to live happy lives. 

Rehoming Rabbits: When someone wants to surrender their rabbit for rehoming, they can contact The Littlest Lives Rescue for judgement free, easy and safe rehoming of their bunny. Their volunteer team know that circumstances change and it is always best to consider what is in the best interests of the rabbits.

Rabbit Health & Vet Checks: Their rabbit adoption process ensures that all of their rehomed rabbits and their families are happy, healthy and ready to live their lives together. All of their rabbits are health checked by a vet before being rehomed, with any health issues that do arise being brought up at the start of the adoption process. The rabbits are all neutered and vaccinated, and their knowledgeable team will provide helpful information on caring for your new rabbit. 

Pair Adoption and Pair Bonding: Rabbits are social animals, and need company of their own in order to thrive. Therefore, all rabbits at The Littlest Lives Rescue are either rehomed as pairs or a group, or ready to be pair bonded with a single or bereaved bunny. They also are able to provide arel="nofollow" pair bonding service so you don’t have to worry about stressful introductions!

Grooming Service: Their volunteers also offer rabbit grooming service where you can bring your bunny in for grooming and nail clipping, as well as ask any questions about rabbit care. This service just requires a minimum £5 donation per bunny, and of course all proceeds go towards the care of the rabbits in the rescue. This takes place on grooming days and you can follow their social media on the details below to find out when their upcoming grooming days are.  


What Is the Adoption Process Like at The Littlest Lives Rescue? 


Finding a home, for any rescue animal, where they can thrive and enjoy life to the fullest is essential. At The Littlest Lives Rescue, the adoption process is straightforward and thorough, to ensure that you and your bunny are well suited. Once you get in touch with them, they will contact you for a chat about rabbit rehoming and to find out a bit more about you. They then do a home check on all potential adopters, to ensure that you have the space and housing requirements for rabbits (don’t worry if you are unsure, these requirements can all be found here!). After this, if you have the right requirements then you can meet the rabbits! This will either be at the rescue centre or a foster home. After this, you can reserve a rabbit and they will either go home once healed (if they need neutering or vaccinating) or within two weeks so you can arrange for collection. On adoption day, you can pick your bunny up in a suitable carrier, sign adoption papers, pay the fee (£75 per rabbit to cover vet and care costs) and take your new bunny home!


How Can I Support The Littlest Lives Rescue?


This December you can support The Littlest Lives Rescue by voting for them in the charity poll!

You can also find wonderful gifts for Christmas in their online Shop, where all of the proceeds go towards the rescue. 

There are other ways you can help too, such as buying a lovely gift for them from their amazon wishlist (of course these are things like feed, cleaning supplies and toys for their residents!) or sending them a donation.  

You can also foster a rabbit if you have the space and resources, adopt one of their lovely rescue rabbits or/and volunteer at the rescue. There are several volunteer roles, from helping out with the daily care, to carrying out home checks to helping with their fundraising efforts. 


How Can I Get in Touch with The Littlest Lives Rescue? 


The best way to get in touch with their team and find out about the latest news, adoptable bunnies and grooming days is by following them on social media. They are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

You can also send them an email at [email protected] or fill in their online Contact Form.

If The Littlest Lives Rescue have earned your vote this December, then be sure to visit our Homepage and cast your vote by the 31st! Remember, its free to vote and you don’t need to use a voucher to vote. However, every voucher contributes to the donation made to the winning charity. 

Share the poll with family and friends, and let them know how this Christmas, you can help rescue rabbits find their forever homes and give the gift of a lifetime without spending a penny!

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