How to Get Back Into Swimming

Posted on 11 Aug 2016 by Anna Scott
The last time you jumped in the pool might have been during a primary school swimming lesson, or maybe you used to be a regular swimmer but just let it fall by the way side. Whatever your swimming history, the recent gold medal Team GB victories in the Olympic pools might have inspired you to dig out your swimming cap again (or perhaps for the first time), and get back in the pool at your local leisure centre. But how can you ensure you keep the habit up? Here are some top tips on how to not only get back into swimming, but also make sure you stick to your new resolution…


Take Lessons

Swimming lessonThis might sound like a strange suggestion if you already learnt how to swim years ago, but there’s nothing wrong with brushing up on your skills, especially if you’re finding it a bit trying on your first few laps. It’s not just about correcting your stroke technique or getting rid of bad habits you might have acquired over the years – swimming lessons can also be about improving your breathing technique which might increase the amount of time you spend in the pool before you start to tire. Check with your local pool to see what lessons are available because they might have sessions for a number of different skill levels.


Buy a New Swimsuit

There’s nothing like getting kitted to give you some motivation, and when it comes to swimming, a new cossie might be just the push you need to get you in that pool again. If you want to go for a top quality sportswear brand to suit your new positive swimming attitude then Speedo discount codes can save you money on purchases with this classic swimwear label, or you can use Adidas promo codes to order their own label togs. It’s also a great idea to get yourself the correct accessories, such as a pair of well-fitting googles – there’s nothing like an eyeful of chlorinated water to put you off going back.


Make Regular Visits

It’s important not to over-exert yourself when you first start out again, but at the same time, make sure you plan a good time to go to the pool each week and stick to it. It might take a few weeks to find the right time of day that suits you best, but making a commitment could help you feel the benefit in the long term. Perhaps this could take the form of a club or swimming pool membership (which could well save you money in the long run) rather than drop-in sessions, but once you make the time, you’re a large part of the way there to making swimming a key part of your lifestyle.


Find a Swimming Partner

Swimming, swimming poolAnother great way to stay motivated is to have someone there to support you. There are going to be times when you really don’t want to get out of bed and down to that pool, but having a training partner to pick you up when you’re feeling your least motivated will make all the difference. And let’s forget, you can do the same for them when they’re not really feeling in the mood for a few laps in the pool.


Change Your Diet

Once you’re including regular swimming sessions into your weekly routine, you might find you need to change your diet to keep up your energy levels. Substitute your unhealthy snacks for one that give you a slower release of energy over a longer period of time, such as nuts and dried fruits, and don’t cut any food groups - a balanced diet will provide you with the most nutritious options to compliment your training and new healthy lifestyle.

Henry Daly, Head of Marketing at Aura Holohan Group, says: "If training frequently, swimming is a great way to burn calories! Michael Phelps burned 13,000 calories a day training for the Olympics. So, eat lean and clean, including lots of vegetables, oats, lean meat and complex carbohydrates. However, be sure not to eat at least an hour before you go in the pool; you don’t want those painful rib cramps!"


A simple question: would you rather have a boring workout at the gym, or would you rather jump in a swimming pool and get a few laps in? We think there’s no contest, so if you’ve been inspired by Team GB’s victories and want to include swimming as part of your exercise routine, there’s plenty you can do to make it possible. But even if you just want to treat yourself to a new swimming costume for the odd dip in the pool, there’s nothing wrong with that, and you can use UK Swimwear promotional codes to save money on a wide range of options, whatever your preferences or swimming requirements.

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