Go Back to Hogwarts with the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan Buys

Posted on 01 Sep 2016 by Anna Scott
Any Harry Potter fan will have been counting down the days because we all know what September 1st means, right? Yes, it’s Back to Hogwarts Day! But before you make you way to Kings Cross Station and try and get to Platform 9 ¾ without getting noticed by all those Muggles, make sure you’ve stocked up all the best, and most unusual Harry Potter items. We’ve put together a list of essential Harry Potter buys that no self-respecting fan, or Hogwarts Express passenger, should be without…


The Book Box Set

Harry Potter Book Box SetWell, of course. You have to begin with the most essential of Harry Potter essentials and that would be the books. Many of us probably have various dog-eared copies with different covers, and although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this – battered book are well-loved books after all – there’s something very satisfying about having a full set with matching covers in a matching box that can sit on your bookshelf looking all neat and tidy. Using The Works promo codes, you can get your hands on just that with the box set featuring the latest covers coming in at just £39.99 (that’s £20 off the full price).


Pop Vinyl Figures

Dobby Pop Vinyl Figure

They’ve quickly become a must-have for any pop culture fan so it come as no surprise to find out you can purchase the sought-after and incredibly popular Harry Potter Pop Vinyl figures using Toys R Us discount codes. They’ve got Harry, Ron and Hermione figures, of course, but if you want to flesh out your collection, may we suggest investing in a Dobby, a Dementor and, dare we say it, a Voldemort pop vinyl figure? Just keep the last two well-hidden if you don’t want to conjure up the bad feelings.


The Harry Potter Studio Tour

Harry Potter Studio TourOk, so it’s not a tangible gift that you can take with you to Hogwarts, but tickets to it are a must-buy for any fan nevertheless. So if it’s on your bucket list of things to do, why wait? You can use Buy a Gift promotional codes to make a day of it by picking from one of their many Harry Potter Studio Tour packages – they’ve got ones that include lunch, transport and afternoon tea, and hopefully one of them might include the odd glass of butter beer or we’ll be very disappointed indeed.


Harry Potter Colouring Book

Harry Potter Colouring Book SetYou’ve read all the titles, you’ve seen all the films, you’ve dressed up as one of the characters for Halloween on countless occasions, so what do you do next? Make a start on that Harry Potter Colouring Book of course! The adult colouring book trend blew up last year, and wherever there is a popular trend, there’s Harry Potter. Use The Works promo codes to pick up one of the many Harry Potter Colouring Book options at a discount and it will be sure to keep you amused on that long train ride from Kings Cross.


Harry Potter Scrabble

Harry Potter ScrabbleWhat do you get for the Harry Potter fan who has everything? An afternoon of Scrabble-related arguments! And if you’re wondering about the inclusion of wizarding words in this special edition (available with Toys R Us discount codes), they’ve bent the rules slightly so you can include such terms as ‘expelliarmus’ and ‘stupify’ as well as many other additions to the Hogwarts dictionary. Although we would avoid using He Who Must Not Be Named to try and increase that score, and not just because it’s a proper noun.


Your Very Own Horcrux

Harry Potter Horcrux Set

You might be wondering exactly why you’d want your very own Horcrux, and that’s a good question, but it does make a very nice souvenir, you have to admit. As long as you’re not using it to take over the world or anything. The Works promo codes can save you money on a rather delightful Harry Potter Locket Horcrux Kit and Sticker Book, but make sure you stop at just the one Horcrux, okay?




So as long as you’ve stocked up on all of the above and you make it to Platform 9 ¾ in time, you’ll be set for the Hogwarts school year ahead. Otherwise you’re going to have to wait until next September and that just won’t do at all.


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