The Best Costume Ideas for World Book Day

Posted on 31 Jan 2017 by Anna Scott
This year’s World Book Day is coming up on March 2nd, and even though it should be a time of celebration (and still is for the most part), it also brings with it a certain sense of dread for some parents. This is because many primary schools like to encourage their pupils to dress up as their favourite book characters – so far, so cute. But what if you’re not exactly creative when it comes to putting together a decent fancy dress costume? Or you forget about it until a few days, or even THE day before?

How to Dress Your Best for World Book Day

If you’re likely to fall into either if these two categories then our first piece of advice is to at least attempt to plan ahead, but if all else fails, give some of these ideas a go…

Ready Made Book Character Costumes

Thank goodness for online fancy dress companies because not only can they sort you out for Halloween or whatever obscure theme you need to dress for, but now many of them have a dedicated book character section precisely for these World Book Day requirements. Many have a broad selection covering a number of different themes including:

Roald Dahl Costumes discount codes could save you money on delivery of many a Roald Dahl-themed outfit including Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda, the BFG and Willy Wonka, and they’ve even set up a dedicated World Book Day page to make your search even easier. Thanks to recent film adaptations and the Roald Dahl Day celebrations last year, his stories are becoming increasingly popular again and we think quite a few kids might want to opt for one of his characters, so why make the job of creating theses costumes harder than it has to be?

Horrible Histories
If you’re kid’s favourite book has a more historical bent then you’ll be pleased to hear you can pick up a readymade costume using Party Pieces promo codes. Here they’ve put together a special ‘Horrible Histories’ themed section featuring Queen Victoria, respectable Georgian Lady complete with puffy white wig, knights, revolting peasants, Boudicca and, rather alarmingly, Tudor Executioner.


 Classic Book Characters

If your child’s favourite book character comes from the classic children’s literature canon, then there’s plenty in the way of costumes from these two suppliers that cover pirates, princesses, animals, medical professionals, police and firemen (and women). And if your child’s favourite book character is something ridiculously obscure that you have no hope of replicating in costume form, then perhaps see if you can persuade them to pick something a little more generic.

More No Hassle Costume Tips
If you’ve left it a bit too late to order a readymade fancy dress outfit, see if your children can go for characters that you create using items you already have to hand. For example, even though a Matilda costume is a great resource, her look isn’t exactly difficult to put together using a simple blue dress, a smart headband and a sturdy book to carry. In a similar vein, a contemporary character such as Horrid Henry might have a wardrobe very similar to your offspring’s.

Emergency Fancy Dress Delivery
But even if you have left it to the VERY last minute, there might be a way for you to get your hands on that costume. discount codes get you access the their 24 Hour Premium Delivery Service, and if you live in London, you might also be able to use their Rush Before Lunch Service that does exactly what it says it does. That World Book Day costume could be within grasp sooner than you think.

Of course, as we said before, the best advice is to organise your kids’ World Book Day outfits as early as possible to minimise tears and tantrums (and not just theirs), but even if you do end up pushed for time and inspiration, these online suppliers are here to help.


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