Support People Living with Aphasia This January by Voting for Say Aphasia

Posted on 04 Jan 2023 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
The new year is upon us, and what better way to start off 2023 than by helping a wonderful charity to win a donation? Well this January Say Aphasia are taking part in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll. By voting for them, you can help people who have had a stroke or brain injury and are suffering from communication issues (Aphasia), to find support and advice for this often isolating condition. Find out more about Say Aphasia below and see if they get your vote this month!


What is Aphasia? 

Aphasia affects the communication and language areas of the brain,and are often the result of brain hemorrhage, head injury, dementia, brain tumor or stroke. Aphasia impacts the ability to read, write or speak, with people suffering from aphasia experiencing difficulty finding the right words, struggling with reading and writing or finding it hard to understand others speaking to them. The condition affects people in different ways, and frequently impacts many aspects of a person's life including their employment, relationships, confidence and education. 

Aphasia is a long term condition affecting Around 350,000 people in the UK, and it can affect anyone of any age who has experienced damage to the communication areas of the brain. Some people with aphasia can continue to improve over months, years and even decades of living with the condition, but often need support in various aspects of their lives. 


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Who Are Say Aphasia and What Do They Do? 

Say Aphasia are a charity who are dedicated to supporting people with aphasia, helping them to feel less isolated and raising awareness about the condition. 

Their founder, Colin Lyall, experienced a stroke in 2013, which resulted in him having aphasia at the age of 50. Being aware of the struggles that result from aphasia as well as the impact of strokes and brain injuries on patients and their families, Colin then began the Say Aphasia charity to support other people experiencing aphasia and similar conditions such as dysarthria and apraxia. 

They provide valuable resources, information and support for people and their families who are dealing with brain injuries or illnesses and communication disorders.Some of their support and advice services include: 

Drop In Groups: These are drop in groups for people with aphasia, and offer ongoing social support for people with aphasia. They help people who have the condition to find others who can understand their struggles and build friendships, share their experiences and get advice from people who are also living with the condition. People are free to sit and silently observe, use a method they prefer to communicate with others or sit and read a paper in the company of others. It is entirely up to the individual. These drop in groups help reduce loneliness and isolation, and can help people with aphasia to get tips to help their daily life from others who are experiencing the same problems. 

These drop in groups also often incorporate other aspects of support such as art classes and singing classes.This provides an entertaining, therapeutic and social environment to develop skills and explore new activities without being restricted by self confidence and ability issues which might be present in regular skills classes. There are drop-in groups in Sussex and other locations, with groups in Hove, Worthing, Exeter, Chichester, Cardiff, Crawley and Woodingdean. If you are based elsewhere and are not able to attend an in person drop in group, they also host Zoom drop in groups for people all over the UK. Find out more about the in person and online drop in groups on their Drop In Groups page. 

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Sussex Befriending Scheme: They also direct people to local services which cater to people with aphasia and conditions which can cause aphasia. One example is the befriending scheme in Sussex for those who have had a stroke and are experiencing communication difficulties as a result, including aphasia. This is run by the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, and involves matching up ‘befrienders’ (volunteers who have aphasia themselves) with people in need of support and companionship who have also had a stroke and have speech and language difficulties. This service aims to help people who are struggling with communication issues to find others who are going through similar experiences, develop friendships and find support networks. 

They also have a UK Whatsapp Group where you can chat, text, share articles or send images, video or voice messages to others living with aphasia. 


What Are the Best Ways to Support Say Aphasia?

You can help the Say Aphasia team in a number of ways, and support the incredible work they do for people with aphasia. 

This January 2023, you can help them by voting for them in the Discount Promo Codes poll! Head over to our Homepage and click the small circle next to Say Aphasia to vote for them. 

You can also Support Say Aphasia through fundraising events, regular or one off donations, volunteering at charity events or giving gifts for charity raffle or auction prizes. 

They also have a variety of Appeals which you can donate to, and help them provide support and put on events throughout the year. 

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How Can I Get in Touch with Say Aphasia?

If you want to get in contact with the Say Aphasia team, you can do so in a number of ways. They are active on social media, so you can contact them via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also email them at [email protected], fill out their Contact Form or give them a call on +44 (0)7796 143118.

If Say Aphasia are your pick for this month's charity poll, then make sure you cast your free vote for them before the 31st of January. Everyone gets one free vote, and although you don’t need to use any vouchers to vote, don’t forget that every voucher used adds to the amount donated to the winning charity. 

 Share the poll with your friends and family, and raise awareness for this incredible charity who provide essential support for people living with aphasia.

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