Where Can I Find Savings on Green Pet Products?

Posted on 22 Jun 2019 by Anna Scott
The very act of owning a pet isn’t exactly environmentally friendly thanks to all the things they consume, but we are a nation of pet lovers, so what can you do? Well, it turns out quite a bit, if you want to lessen their impact of the environment. Companies are now getting wise to an increasing demand for environmentally friendly pet food and products. But as with lots of better quality items, many of these come with a much higher price tag. That’s where we come in – bringing you info on savings that can help you purchase these sorts of green products without spending over the odds…


Everyday Pet Essentials

First up, it’s the things we really can’t do without when looking after our pets – food and cleaning up after them. You’re never going to find an entirely environmentally friendly solution to these things, but there are small changes you can make that will help.

Green Pet Food Options

They key thing here is the packaging. When we think of convenient pet food packaging, we probably think about pouches. And it’s not hard to see why. You can portion food easily, there’s no keeping half empty packets in the fridge, and there’s very little mess. BUT they are made from single-use plastic, so chucking this packaging away once or twice a day doesn’t exactly reduce that carbon footprint. So, what are the alternatives?

Tinned dog and cat food is probably the most obvious one, but, and we speak from personal experience here, some fussy pets don’t seem to like the taste of tinned food. So not really a viable option if they refuse to eat it. If this is the case with you, single portion aluminium trays might be the answer. These usually have the same quantities of food in them as the pouches so are just as convenient in that respect, but all parts of the container can be recycled. If your preferred brand or type of pet food doesn’t come with this sort of packaging, see if it’s possible to find recyclable plastic trays – not perfect by any means but still better than single use plastic. If you’ve never ordered using our Fetch promo codes before, then they have a great selection of brands in tins and aluminium trays including Lily’s Kitchen, Applaws and Edgard and Cooper. Plus new customers can also claim a 15% discount on that first order.


dog eating dinner


And then there’s the other solution – make your own pet food. Obviously, you’re going to need to put aside the time to do this and we don’t all have that to spare. But perhaps think how you can introduce one or two homemade meals a week into their diet, either from leftovers or putting together a couple of simple ingredients. Not only could this make a difference to the long term impact on waste, but it could also save you money. Just remember to leave out anything that might be harmful to your pet (onions for example).

Green Poo Bags

Biodegradable poo bags are the obvious answer for when we’re out walking the dogs, but even they are not 100% ideal. The material used requires light and oxygen to break down and with most of the waste going to landfill, they’re just not going to get it there. But saying that, they are still more environmentally friendly than using the standard plastic bags. One thing we will recommend is to research the brand as some have better biodegradable credentials than others. You can get a large choice with the Fetch discount codes we mentioned above, and their biodegradable brands include Beco Bags and Petface.

If your dog does its business is your garden more often than not, then you might think that a ‘dog loo’ composter is a good, green solution. These are bucket-like containers that you bury in the ground where you put the dog waste, and then use bio-activators to break it down. However, these appear to have mixed results when it comes to actually getting rid of the waste. And having contaminated waste sitting in your garden is something you definitely want to avoid. On the same lines, many people think flushing dog waste down the toilet is a better option, but the sewage system is only built for disposing of human waste. Dog waste contains pathogens that won’t be broken down and you therefore risk contamination.

So overall, it appears that landfill is the best place for dog poo, but in terms of the environment and of public health. But just make sure you use the greenest bags you can find when you send it on its way there.

Biodegradable Cat Litter

So, what can you do to cut down on all that cat litter? It’s a bit heart breaking adding yet another bin bag to your household waste, but what else can we do? Well, biodegradable cat litter is available. It’s made from plant materials that will break down so is obviously much more environmentally friendly than standard cat litter.


cat yawning


There is also the question of whether you can safely compost this used cat litter at home. Some manufacturers recommend this, but then you also have the same issues a with dog poo – this waste carries harmful bacteria, so please do not compost it to be used on any consumables in your garden. And if there are any concerns about how long it will take to break down, perhaps don’t compost it at all and send it to the landfill. Again, not an ideal green solution, but perhaps the safest.


Environmentally Friendly Pet Accessories

You’re not going to buy these as frequently as food obviously, so in this case it’s about two things – buying things that will last and you won’t have to replace so frequently, and buying items that contain less plastic.

When it comes to leads and harnesses, did you know you can now find products made from bamboo? Take a look using our Amazon discount codes to see what’s currently available on their site and you could get a great deal. Another area you could re-asses is accessories that are traditionally made from plastic. There are now lots of brands to look out for such as BecoPets that make products from recycled materials, plus you can also find dog toys made from sustainable jute, and plant fibre that is incredibly durable - ideal if your dog enjoy chewing things to bits on a regular basis.

We’re not going to pretend that making these small changes is going to have a dramatic effect on the planet, but if you think about how many years you will have your pet, and how many times you are going to feed them and pick up their poo, then you might be able to appreciate the benefits of a greener solution. If you want more inspiration, Discount Promo Codes has plenty more pet savings to browse from large stores and specialist sites, so see if you can find some more environmentally friendly pet care brands today.

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