How to Get Money Off your Supermarket Delivery

Posted on 12 May 2019 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Long gone are the days of endless queues, hours of isle navigation and maneuvering heavy shopping bags to the car or, worse, on a busy bus. With the ease of online shopping, you can find what you need with the tap of a button, from the comfort of your own home, and better yet; you can save money on all the essentials with the help of our money saving promo codes! How? Well, check out our guide to saving money on supermarket delivery below and discover the crafty ways that you can enjoy all your essentials and more for a whole lot less…


Make the Most of Discount Promo Codes

The first step when you start your online shop is to make sure you aren’t missing out on some fantastic foodie savings. Whether you are browsing household essentials or fresh veggies, discount code websites are the secret key to getting pounds off your order.

With discount codes for a variety of supermarkets here at Discount Promo Codes, you can get regular offers on all of the major supermarkets. Find a list of some of our regular offers below:

  1. £12 Off Your Order at Morrisons

  2. 50% Off Baby Products with Tesco’s regular ‘Baby Events’

  3. £1 & Under Bargains at Sainsburys

  4. £20 Off Your First Four Orders with our Waitrose promo codes

  5. Low Price Promise at Ocado; Get your money back if your products aren’t cheaper than at Tesco

  6. 50% Off Monthly Deals at Ocado

Top Tip: Many supermarkets have daily or monthly deals, as well as surprise multi-buy bargains. Making sure you check to see if there are any daily deals on the items you are buying, or even checking out other brands to see if there are discounts on them, is a must for every thrifty shopper!


Say Goodbye to Delivery Charges

One of the main costs when it comes to online shopping is the (often pricey) delivery charges. Even if you’ve bagged some amazing bargains on your favourite foods, getting caught by expensive delivery costs at the checkout can make those savings seem minimal. However, most supermarkets have a variety of ways to save on the delivery costs so you can enjoy the maximum savings possible on your order!

Supermarket Free Delivery Codes: When it comes to getting free delivery, the first port of call is our promo codes for free delivery. We regularly have ASDA discount codes which offer free delivery on certain orders such as wine delivery. Plus, when you use our Sainsburys discount promo codes, you can often find free Click and Collect offers for clothing. Best of all? Supermarkets such as Ocado offer free delivery plus 20% off your order for a fab 3 months!  

Get a Delivery Pass: Enjoy free delivery for an entire year and save up to a huge £126 when you get a Sainsburys promo codes delivery pass. They offer three options; a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month delivery pass, from just £10 per month. Tesco also offers a delivery saver scheme, with savings of up to £190 and free cancellation on your order! Don’t forget to look out for free trials so you can try before you buy and save even more.  

Pick a £1 Delivery Slot: If there aren’t any free delivery opportunities available at the moment with our discount codes, don’t worry; you can find delivery for just £1. All major supermarkets offer delivery slots so you can choose when you want your order to arrive. At peak times, delivery can cost the average £4-£7, however be sure to check out the non-peak times such as afternoons and late evenings, as you can enjoy delivery from as little as £1!


Bulk Buy on The Essentials

Savvy online shoppers are sure to be aware of this money saving tip; bulk buying on the essential items. When it comes to online supermarket delivery, taking advantage of multi-buy bargains means you can save a bundle, with supermarkets such as Ocado discount promo codes offering offers such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free on cereals or 3 for £10 on body wash. Even if there aren’t currently any multi-buy offers on the products you want, bulk buying the essentials means saving plenty of time, energy and money on what you need (After all, nobody wants to be juggling hundreds of tins, cans and bottles around the supermarket!


Be Rewarded for Your Shopping

Do you have one supermarket you always frequent? Well the chances are, you can get rewarded for being a loyal customer. Even if you switch between a few supermarkets or get some bits and pieces from one place and some from another, signing up to supermarket reward schemes is a quick, easy and free way to get money off your next order.

As well as getting discounts on future orders when you sign up to loyalty card schemes such as the Ocado SMART Pass and Tesco Clubcard, you can get amazing extras such as free gifts and delivery discounts on all your orders. As well as getting money off online orders, you can enjoy discounts in store too; so if you just need to pop round the corner for a loaf of bread, you can still collect points on your Tesco Clubcard to save on a future shop!

Get Discounts on Your Favourite Brands: Was well as using our offers and vouchers to get money off your shop, you can get rewarded for your shopping too! For example, you can use our Tesco discount codes to sign up for a Tesco Clubcard, grab a Co-op Membership card, or snap up a Holland and Barret loyalty card (or all three!) you can enjoy regular vouchers in the post to get discounts on your online or instore purchases. These discounts are even catered to what you buy the most, so you can get personalised money off the brands you love!

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