Vote for Positive Bones and Help Empower Amputees and People with Limb Differences

Posted on 25 Aug 2023 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Your vote in our August charity poll could help amputees and people with limb differences to live a life without limits when you vote for Positive Bones! This August, the Discount Promo Codes charity poll is giving another 4 incredible charities the chance to win a fantastic donation. One of the charities competing is Positive Bones; a charity which provides prosthetics, equipment and support services to help people with limb differences or amputations to live life to the full. Find out more about their work below and see if Positive Bones get your vote!

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What Services do Positive Bones Offer?

Positive Bones offer a range of support services to people with limb differences and limb loss, helping them to access funding for prosthetics, services to support their recovery and equipment to enable them to continue participating in career aspirations and hobbies. Positive Bones focus on wellness and helping people overcome the barriers that limb loss and limb difference can have on life through specialist equipment, support and prosthesis. 

They help a wide variety of people in a variety of ways, from helping an amputee to get a new prosthetic arm to helping a gardener who had a knee replacement to access raised beds so they can continue to enjoy gardening. 

Alongside helping people access equipment and funding, they also help people access support in the form of:

  • Occupational therapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Specially designed prosthesis 

  • Help for families 

  • Support with hospital visits

  • Community support 

  • Recovery motivation and encouragement

How Will The Donation be Used?

If Positive Bones win the Discount Promo Codes charity poll this August, then the winning donation will go towards helping more people with limb loss and limb difference to access the support they need. This can be in terms of funding to help people access prosthetics and equipment, as well as providing support and advice to people going through amputation and limb difference. 

Positive Bones are a team of volunteers and trustees, meaning that all donations made go directly towards helping those with limb loss and limb difference to get the support they need. 


How Can I Access Funding for Equipment or Prosthetics from Positive Bones? 

If you are in need of support following limb loss or difference then you can visit the Positive Bones  Apply Now page. When you fill in their application form, you can describe the type of support and their team will be in contact to let you know the process of your application. 

In order to be eligible for support with Positive Bones you must live in the UK or Isle of Man, be looking for support in buying an item of equipment, service or a prosthetic to help you with your limb loss or difference and have not gained your limb loss/difference through working in the armed forces. 

The application process consists of four steps:

  1. Think about what you need and what would benefit you most before beginning your application. 

  2. Read the application guidelines and information to ensure that you fill out the form correctly and halt any delays in your application. 

  3. Gather the evidence of your limb loss or difference and how the specialist equipment will help e.g. a letter from a doctor, as well as evidence for the equipment and where it can be purchased e.g. from a website or supplier. 

  4. Apply for the funding you need using the application form. 

They provide grants of up to £3000 and successful grants will be paid within 6 months of a successful application, meaning that you will need to purchase the equipment within that time. 


How Can I Access Support Services with Positive Bones? 

For those who want other types of support services for limb loss or difference, Positive Bones are on hand to help. 

Community: You can join the Positive Bones online community and meet other amputees and people with limb differences. Their Facebook group is full of supportive members and is a place where you can engage, connect and seek advice from with others who are experiencing limb loss and limb differences. 

Advice: Positive Bones also offer lots of advice and guidance for amputees and people with limb difference, for example support on crowdfunding, updates on new AI and bionics, what specialist equipment and services are on the market and sock comfort for amputees. 

Resources and Support: They also have an abundance of guides for support and resources, helping people to be informed about the equipment available and how to access the services they need. This includes detailed breakdowns of how prosthetics work, links to bespoke equipment providers and a list of prosthetic and rehab centres in the UK. 


How Can I Support Positive Bones?

You can help Positive Bones this August by voting for them in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll! It’s free, easy and takes 2 clicks. All you need to do is visit our Homepage, scroll down until you see the charity poll and vote for Positive Bones. 

You can also support this worthy cause by hosting, attending, sharing or participating in a Fundraising event, or sending Positive Bones a Donation.


Get in Contact with Positive Bones 

If you want to reach their team, you can do so by sending an email to [email protected] or filling out their online Contact Us form. Their postal address is Positive Bones, Office 74328, PO Box 15113, Birmingham, B2 2NJ. 

Alongside their Facebook community which you can join, they also have an active Instagram account where you can message the team and stay up to date with the latest news. 

Vote for Positive Bones today if you want to make a difference to the lives of people with limb loss and limb differences. You can help people access the specialist equipment they need to enjoy hobbies, pursue their careers and make day to day life easier, as well as essential advice and support services for them and their family. You can cast your one free vote all throughout August, and don’t forget to share the poll with friends and family.

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