What Your Vote for CLAPA can Do For People with Cleft Palates and their Families

Posted on 31 Oct 2022 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
 This November, the Cleft Lip and Palate Association (CLAPA) will be taking part in our November charity poll. To help you decide which worthy cause to vote for the Discount Promo Codes poll, we have put together a handy biography of all of our charities for the month to help you decide who to vote for. Learn about who these charities are, what services they provide and why they need your support. 

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The Cleft Lip and Palate Association (CLAPA) is a small charity supporting people born with a cleft and their families in the United Kingdom. This November, they are taking part in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll, and below, you can learn more about what your support will mean to the one in 700 people born with a cleft in the UK.

What is Cleft Lip and Palate?

In early pregnancy, the different parts of the face form separately and then come together. If this doesn’t happen all the way, the result is a gap or ‘cleft’ in the upper lip or the roof of the mouth. There’s no single cause, and it can happen in any pregnancy.

Every day in the UK, three babies are born with a cleft. It can have an ongoing impact on feeding, speech, hearing, teeth placement and more. The treatment pathway is 20+ years, and many babies have their first surgery at just three months old.


What does the Cleft Lip and Palate Association (CLAPA) do?

CLAPA is there from the moment of diagnosis with reassurance, information, and a welcoming community for families, children and adults born with a cleft. With your help, we can make sure no one affected by cleft lip and palate goes through it alone.

Our online support groups and events help people to connect with others who share their experiences. Trained volunteers give one-to-one support to help people cope with the most difficult parts of their journeys. Babies born with a cleft often need special bottles and teats to feed, and CLAPA produces and provides these to hundreds of new families every year.

CLAPA’s fundraising was severely impacted by the pandemic, and with costs rising rapidly, the future of these vital services is in danger. With no NHS or government funding to fall back on, your help is urgently needed to ensure CLAPA can continue to reach people in need all over the UK and keep its services accessible for all.


What will my support mean?

As a small charity reliant on donations, every pound can make a difference.

Please help us be there for the three babies born with a cleft every day in the UK. Help us supply the special bottles and teats that allow these babies to feed at home. Help us give much-needed support to these families as their children go through multiple surgeries and grow into adults with needs of their own.

  •         £5 could pay for a special bottle for a baby born with a cleft

  •         £10 could buy five picture books to help expectant families explain cleft to their other children

  •         £30 could give a new family a ‘Welcome Pack’ of free bottles, teats and information about cleft

  •         £50 could pay for a place at an online support group meeting

  •         £300 could fund a place at a confidence-building weekend for young people

Vote for CLAPA in November’s Discount Promo Codes poll to help us build a brighter future for people affected by cleft in the United Kingdom.


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If CLAPA has got your vote, then pop over to the Homepage now to cast your free vote and support this amazing charity. Once you have cast your vote, make sure your friends and family know about the poll so they can vote too! The more votes the better, and the more vouchers used at Discount Promo Codes the more money raised for charity. So after you have cast your free vote - why not do some online shopping and pick up some fantastic bargains along the way?

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